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Program costs are estimated costs based on ten courses over eight months (one full academic year). Fees include: Tuition and Mandatory Fees. Additional Fees may be applicable.

Living in Residence is an integral part to your Ambrose experience, as such, all first-year undergraduate students who are under the age of 21 live in Residence. Residency fees are for eight months through the academic year. Seminary students are encouraged to contact our Residence Director for housing information.

There are additional expenses over the academic year that you should budget for. Include estimated costs for books (approx $1200/year), transportation, and entertainment

Estimate your anticipated scholarship. Ambrose University awards over $1 million annually in scholarships, with the average student scholarship being $1400. Visit here for more information about Ambrose Scholarships.

Costs Calculator 2020-21

Approximate One (1) Year Investment

Financial Aid & Awards

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Student Finance

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Daniel Friesen
Student Accounts and Receivables

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