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Thank your Donor


Winning scholarships shows that you are a class-act, with academic credentials and extracurricular commitments deemed worthy of free post-secondary money. But it doesn’t end the day you receive your scholarship – your responsibility includes a video response or a follow-up thank you letter, acknowledging the generous gift-aid you are receiving, due to the philanthropy of the scholarship sponsor.

Receiving bursaries is that needed gift that has enabled you to pursue further education and lifetime goals. A donor has recognized the financial need to help students along in their educational quest regardless of most merit.

I want to write a letter I want to create a video

Things You Can Write About

  • What do you hope to do with your Ambrose education? What's your dream?
  • How has this financial assistance helped you achieve your goals?
  • What financial barriers did the assistance help you overcome?
  • Did it allow you to volunteer or travel for academic purposes?
  • What volunteer or campus organizations are you involved with?
  • Why did you decide to study at Ambrose?
  • What are some recent accomplishments or other Ambrose highlights you can share?

Helpful Reminders

Introductions are important: don't leave yours out. That means introduce yourself and the award(s) you have received. Remember to thank our donors at the beginning and end of your letter. What does winning this award mean for your education? How will it help you in the future? The donor will want to know a little bit about you, so be sure to include what your Ambrose experience has been, and what you've been involved in at the University. 

Sample Letters


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Your Ambrose Enrolment Team

We are your main point of contact for admission inquiries, program information and for scheduling campus visits. We are passionate about connecting you with the Ambrose community, and are dedicated to your success as a student.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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