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Welcome to the Ambrose Seminary! Ambrose Seminary immerses you in a rich, diverse, and authentic community of learners who support you on your journey toward your graduate degree. Whether you’ve studied theology or are looking to start toward ministry, you can build on previously earned credentials. 


 When I teach, I am keen for students to know that theology is a 2000 year old conversation. I encourage students to lean into their own experience, but what really carries the class is being introduced to and contributing to this conversation. 

Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President, Professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology


Why Seminary at Ambrose?

Skilled and inspiring faculty lead you deeper into Christianity, bringing your faith into clearer focus, informing your identity and enhancing your understanding of ministry.

Rigourous, respected programs grow your theological knowledge and skills.

A diverse student body opens avenues of discussion and broadens your perspective.

Flexible learning fits your life - whether it's the convenience of online, weekend and evening courses or a program that ladders from a certificate to a graduate degree so you can build your credentials class by class.


Faculty and Staff