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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

Flourishing Congregations Institute

From Joel Thiessen, Ambrose Professor of Sociology and Director, Flourishing Congregations Institute

We are thankful for the generous funding we received in the past year, which enabled us to conduct over one hundred interviews and focus groups with church leaders across five Canadian regions, to share research findings in various academic and church practitioner settings, and to produce our first monograph, “A Preliminary Look at Flourishing Congregations in Canada: What Church Leaders are Saying.” As we look ahead we ask for prayer in the following ways:

  • Wisdom and discernment for the newly formed “Partnership Council,” to provide sound advice as the Flourishing Congregations Institute develops
  • Clarity and focus for designing a robust national survey, planned for early 2018
  • Willing congregations and participants to complete our survey
  • An open and generous spirit among congregations to collaborate with our research team, and to receive and benefit from the research findings
  • Positive reception to our various applications for funding this research

You can discover more about the Flourishing Congregations Institute by clicking here.

Canadian Poverty Institute

From Derek Cook, Director, Canadian Poverty Institute

The Canadian Poverty Institute (CPI) is an interdisciplinary institute at Ambrose University dedicated to healing poverty through teaching, research and public education. The CPI offers undergraduate and graduate poverty studies courses as well as opportunities for research.

This year the CPI is launching its first ever Poverty Studies Summer Institute bringing together a community of learners who want to gain a deeper knowledge of poverty and how to heal it. Please pray for guidance for the instructors and participants as they travel here and spend time together in learning and reflection.

Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives

From Lauren Goldbeck, Research & Program Coordinator

The Jaffray Centre is a collaborative training, project development, and research hub that examines the way Canadians engage in global missions. 

Please pray for our ongoing research project interviewing Christians from Muslim Backgrounds and their experiences.

We would also appreciate prayer for these upcoming events: for safety for those traveling, and that God will work through each of these projects and their participants.

  • Jaffray conveners Charles Cook and Ray Aldred will be partnering with Matt LeBlanc and iemergence, to host a firstPeoples conference with indigenous people in the southern Philipines.
  • Dr. Narry Santos, Dr. Robert Cousins, and Rev. Thich Truong will be sharing their experiences of engaging in mission in Canada during A Conversation on Mission at Ambrose on June 19th.  Click here for more information.
  • In August, Jaffray will host the 4th annual ReBoot, a program for Third Culture Kids transitioning to life in Canada.

An item of praise: The Cultural Fluency and Cultural Intelligence events that we’ve facilitated over the past year are coming to a close. We are grateful for those who have participated in these seminars and are encourage by the insights they have gleaned from these learning opportunities.

Travel Studies

The Reformation Institute led by Charles Nienkirchen

Dates: May 2-20

Destination: Germany and the Czech Republic

Charles writes: This Down Ancient Paths travel study venture is occurring in the year of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  My deepest desire is that it will be an event, truly inspired by the Holy Spirit for all who participate. That they may comprehend the significance of what happened in the 16th century and then seriously contemplate what needs to happen for western churches (local and entire denominations) to be renewed in our time. And as always, please pray for the physical safety and security and good health of the 36-person group.

Reformation Study Tour led by Kyle Jantzen

Dates: May 6-20

Destination: Germany

Kyle writes: We want to understand more of the history of the Protestant Reformation--not only historically, but also in its meaning for today and its significance for Christians. Please pray for journeying mercies for this group and meaningful interactions with the history and the people they encounter.