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Pray for Ambrose


Pray for Ambrose 

A place for Ambrose students, staff, and friends to pray and be encouraged in these unsettled times.



From Pam Nordstrom, Provost

We are thankful for the commitment of everyone on campus to abide by the pandemic guidelines and directions. We live and teach in challenging times.  We remain committed to providing students as much access as possible to safe learning environments.  Over the past weeks we have been thankful for the extraordinary effort of Facilities and IT to keep us safe and functioning and for Student Life in their support for students who were in isolation and quarantine.

Please join us as we pray for:

- stamina for our faculty, as they teach in multiple formats

- students who are experiencing challenges in their personal lives that impact their studies, their isolation because of the pandemic

- recruitment of new faculty in psychology, music, business, and theology and the director of library services



from Sherry Martens, Associate Dean of Education,  Assistant Professor of Education

Thank you for praying for our Faculty as they continue to support and challenge our learners in both online and face to face settings.

 We are so thankful for the increased interest of applicants for our program. As we expand in the next year, please pray for those who are considering applying as they make their decisions as to what God would have them do and discernment for us as we interview and admit students into the program.

 Please also pray for:

- Our second year students as they are in the midst of school practicums. Thank you for praying for them and those they will encounter in their school placements. Please pray that they will be healthy, confident, prepared and able to go with the flow; that their anxiety will be lessened as they are in schools, not knowing if they will have to go online.  Thank you for remembering our first year students as they join them in practicum in January.

- All of our students that they will be able to continue to engage in learning in their online and face-face classes.


Faculty of Theology

From Jo-Ann Badley, Dean

I value the prayers of our constituency for:

  • the health of faculty, students and their families—not only related to the virus but for our mental health as we manage new routines.
  • patience as we respond to so many new issues in this environment. For wisdom as we sort out what is most important to do and peace of mind to let go of the things we cannot get done. For creativity as we imagine what might be possible.
  • our international students who are far from families and loved ones during this crisis.
  • the capacity to learn when so many other pressures bear down upon us.