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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

School of Education

From Sherry Martens Associate Dean of Education Assistant Professor of Education


Thank you for praying for our Faculty as they continue to support and challenge our learners.

We are so thankful for the increased interest of applicants for our program. As we expand in the next year, please pray for those who are considering applying as they make their decisions as to what God would have them do and discernment for us as we interview and admit students into the program.

Please also pray for:

-  our students as they are either in practicum (2nd years) or preparing for practicum (1st years). Thank you for praying for lessened anxiety, clear minds and a heart that sees children as God sees them. We are thanking God that our Ambrose students are in the right schools for the right students.

 - our search committee as we seek out a new Assistant Professors for the program. We are thanking God that He will bring the right person at the right time.


Faculty of Theology

From Jo-Ann Badley, Dean


We give thanks for the quality of students who have come to the School of Ministry and Seminary this fall; they are serious students who are preparing for church leadership—just the kind of men and women we want to come to Ambrose. 

We are also giving thanks for the men who have agreed to serve on the Advisory Council for Theological Studies in Chinese at Ambrose.  Our first meeting has already produced good fruit to strengthen that work.  It is important work because it serves the Chinese Alliance churches in Canada, and because the presence of Chinese students on campus helps other students to understand the multi-cultural character of the Christian church in Canada.  Pray for the work of this Advisory Council.  The Chair of this program has been ill this fall; pray for her recovery and for the work of the interim administrator.  Pray for wisdom as we choose classes for next year. 

For several years, we have been working to establish a chaplaincy curriculum that all theological schools in Alberta could deliver collaboratively.  We are almost there!  Give thanks for the good spirit among those who have worked together to make this happen.  And pray for the completion of this work and for God to awaken people who will serve our world in this way.

Please also join us as we pray for:

- the recruitment work that has already started for Fall 2020.  In particular, pray that people will remember that ministry education is a high priority for Ambrose University.

- our faculty.  We have lost three faculty in these last months: Bill McAlpine retired; Bernie Van De Walle was elected District Superintendent for Alliance churches in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; Tim Moore is leaving for service with the C&MA in Thailand.  Each of these men served Ambrose for years and I am sure they would appreciate your prayers in their first months in their new location.  But they left gaps.  We are grateful for Jon Coutts who has come to teach theology—please pray for him and his family as they find their way in a new place.  Ernie and Marilyn Klassen have joined us as International Workers in Residence.  The full-time faculty are carrying new and different loads to teach the whole curriculum.  And we have more part-time faculty—people who have a full-time commitment somewhere else and help us out on the side.  Please pray for all these people, that God would give them strength for this task and wisdom to weigh into students’ lives in ways that strengthen faith. 

- a major accreditation review at the Seminary.  Pray for Terry Young who gives leadership to that task and for all of us as we attend to collecting data and reviewing our work. 

- the professional development seminars and other continuing education opportunities that we are offering to pastors and church leaders.  Pray that those who attend will benefit from this work. 



From Colleen McCubbin, Manager

Please pray for:

  • Smooth ordering process and timely delivery for winter textbooks.
  • Wellness for our staff and extended families.
  • Insight and energy for marketing.
  • Increasing favour with outside customers, especially churches, Christian schools, and parachurch organizations.
  • Strong sales.




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