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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

Travel Studies Updates

Biology led by Ted Pike

Dates: April 29 – May 8

Number of Students: 15

Ted writes:

The travel course to Costa Rica could not have been much better.  The Holbrook Travel agency did an amazing job of fitting the venues with our needs.  Our guide was first rate, and went far beyond the call of duty for our students.  All the glitches were minor (save one).  We had one case of the trots, likely due to dehydration, one student got misplaced for about 5 minutes before being found, and one student lost his wallet near the end of the trip, but not his passport.  Every student saw everything they had hoped to see, and more.  I doubt I could have travelled with a better group of students. 

Thank you for the prayer covering.  It was evident to me and some of the students that God was at work throughout the trip.

Down Ancient Paths Travel Study led by Charles Nienkirchen

Dates: May 6 -21

Destination: Spain, Morocco

Charles writes:

Everything went very well and we were given the grace to endure very hot daily temperatures (34-40 degrees), as well as some bodily discomforts which laid siege to us.

Also, I am leaving for Ireland and the United Kingdom with a group of Alliance clergy couples, representing thousands of congregants in their churches (and our own Vice President of Academic Affairs, Pam Nordstrom) on Pentecost Sunday, June 9th.  We will travel the trail of Patrick of Ireland and the early Celtic saints.  In addition to my usual requests for stamina, good health, safety and engaged learning as we travel, I desire that the Holy Spirit blow on and renew us in this season of Pentecost.


Flourishing Congregations Institute

From Joel Thiessen, Ambrose Professor of Sociology and Director, Flourishing Congregations Institute

We are thankful for the over 3500 individual congregants in over 120 churches across Canada who have completed our national congregations survey, across Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant sectors. We are also grateful for two peer-reviewed articles published from our work, one on how to define a flourishing congregation and another on how we might think differently about training and preparing women and men for ministry, available on our website. As we look ahead we ask for prayer in the following ways:

  • A team of diverse scholars across Canada to accept our invitation to collaborate with us in the next phase of research, in-depth case studies of 12-15 congregations nation-wide.
  • Willing congregations to grant our team extensive access to carefully study and learn from their flourishing contexts, yielding findings that would help other churches to also flourish.  
  • Clarity of thought as we work on several publications and deliver numerous presentations from our research to date.
  • Wisdom as we consider how best to scale up our work as an Institute in the months and year(s) to come.

Interested in learning more from our Institute’s work, to help in your own congregation? Sign up to receive our newsletter, which includes recommended resources for church leaders, data on Canadian congregations, and practitioner-oriented reflections.


Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives

From Lauren Goldbeck, Research & Program Coordinator

The Jaffray Centre is a collaborative training, project development, and research hub that examines the way Canadians engage in global missions. 

We have a busy summer planned at the Jaffray Centre, so we appreciate your prayers as we work on a variety of projects.

  • We are working on developing resources for a Cultural Fluency initiative which will be launched in the fall. We are also in the process of editing a collected volume of papers from our Beyond Hospitality Symposium for publication.
  • We will be traveling for conferences and research in June. Please pray for safe travels; especially as our director, Dr. Cook, travels to a sensitive region of the world.
  • August 2-9, 2019: Jaffray will host the 6th annual ReBoot Camp, a program for Third Culture Kids transitioning to life in Canada. Please pray for the TCK students as they begin their journey of re-entry to Canada.




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