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Pray for Ambrose


Pray for Ambrose 

A place for Ambrose students, staff, and friends to pray and be encouraged in these unsettled times.


Recruitment & Admissions

from Kalie Calverley, Assistant Director of Enrolment

  • Recruitment: Our team is continuing to think about creative ways to recruit during this time. This is a difficult task in the midst of an online world, so pray for opportunities at churches and schools in particular.
  • Prospective Students: This is the time where our prospective students are praying about their future and making plans for post-secondary. Pray for guidance, affirmation, and direction.


Social Sciences Practicums

from Kim McLachlan, Behavioural Science Program Coordinator

  • Please pray for the process of finding a practicum placement: students are trying to make connections with organizations and I am always aiming to build new partnerships in the community.
  • Our established partners are fantastic, though every year there is some amount of transition.  We often need to establish connections with new organizations. And some agencies experience personnel turnover, forcing us to build a relationship with someone new.
  • Students need wisdom and sometimes courage in applying for practicum placements. Some need to stretch out of their comfort zone while others are intimidated by the whole process. They need wisdom in making a final decision about where to go for their placement.
  • Finally, please pray for students who are currently serving in their practicums. Some face incredibly difficult stories and situations with clients, and all have to balance extra practicum hours with their studies. Pray that they learn all they can, take risks to challenge themselves (as appropriate) and that practicum will open doors for their future.