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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

Faculty of Theology

From Jo-Ann Badley, Dean

We give thanks for an increased number of new students in the School of Ministry.  Pray for students for next year as recruitment work for Fall 2019 begins. 

Please also pray:

  • for health and strength for faculty and students as we approach end of term, and go into flu season.  Especially pray that everyone will keep the vision of why they are engaged in this work and that our ultimate commitment to the glory of God will be sustained through our day-to-day activities.
  • that we would have a clear vision for what churches need in future pastors—especially as we do curriculum revision.
  • for the new professional development workshops that the Seminary is sponsoring.  May they be an encouragement to pastors who take them and a good introduction to the value of seminary education. 

Education Students

From Sherry Martens Associate Dean of Education Assistant Professor of Education

Thank you for praying for our Faculty as they continue to support learning in our program.

Please also pray for:

  • our students as they are either in practicum (2nd years) or preparing for practicum (1st years). Thank you for praying for lessened anxiety, clear minds and a heart that sees children as God sees them. We are thanking God that our Ambrose students are in the right schools for the right students.
  • our search committee as we seek out two new Assistant Professors for the program. We are thanking God that He will bring the right people, at the right time.
  • those thinking of applying for our program that, again, we will be the right people, at the right time and the right place.

Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary

From Irene Tran, CCSTAS Principal

CCSTAS educates and equips Chinese believers who are called to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by fulfilling the great commission at home and around the world. Instruction is offered in Mandarin, supplemented by Cantonese and English.

Praise the Lord! We are thankful that 145 students from Calgary and Edmonton are taking CCSTAS classes this fall. Pray that God give them wisdom and strength to learn well.

Please also pray for:

  • our CCSTAS executive committee that will be deliberating on November 22.
  • the spiritual lives and ministry of our students and alumni and that the Lord of the Harvest will thrust them out as labourers to help stop multitudes of people who are on their way to eternal destruction.


From Christina Pitre, Assistant Manager

We’re ramping up for the winter 2019 semester and it’s a bit crazy around here! A number of our suppliers are experiencing corporate changes that are having immense repercussions on our end. Between lost orders, damaged items, filing things under wrong accounts, and other financial issues, the added administrative pressure is piling up. Please pray for wisdom to navigate the complexities of this situation. And thank you for praying for health and strength for our staff.

Canadian Poverty Institute

From Derek Cook, Director

The Canadian Poverty Institute (CPI) is an interdisciplinary institute at Ambrose University dedicated to healing poverty through teaching, research and public education. The CPI offers undergraduate and graduate poverty studies courses as well as opportunities for research.

Please continue to pray for healing for those burdened by material, social or spiritual poverty. And please pray for guidance and strength to the members of the CPI as we seek to bring such healing to our communities.


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