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Pray for Ambrose


Pray for Ambrose 

A place for Ambrose students, staff, and friends to pray and be encouraged in these unsettled times.

Flourishing Congregations Institute

From Joel Thiessen, Ambrose Professor of Sociology and Director, Flourishing Congregations Institute

We give thanks for the February 2021 release of our book, Signs of Life: Catholic, Mainline, and Conservative Protestant Congregations in Canada. On the heels of pandemic-related delays to our case study data collection, we are nearly ready to resume data collection (virtually and in-person) later this summer. We would ask for prayer in the following ways:

  • 12-15 willing congregations across Canada to grant our team of 15+ research collaborators extensive access to carefully study and learn from their flourishing contexts, yielding findings that would help other churches to also flourish, notably post-pandemic.  
  • Receptivity among those who will receive an invitation to complete a survey on evangelism in Canada, as part of a national research initiative in partnership with Alpha Canada.

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Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives

From Lauren Goldbeck, Research & Program Coordinator

The Jaffray Centre is a collaborative training, project development, and research hub that examines the way Canadians engage in global missions. 

We appreciate your prayers as we concentrate on a few projects this summer.

  • The second JaffrayAng Symposium took place May 26-28, 2021. The symposium’s topic was Beyond Multiculturalism: Intentional Intercultural Congregations in a Globalizing and Hybridizing World. We are working with a publisher to publish the papers as a collected volume.
  • This past year we have been growing our Cultural Fluency initiative by developing a series of workshops. This summer we will further develop the workshop content, as we prepare to launch with a couple groups this fall. 
  • The UReach Calgary website was launched last year. We continue to add information to the site and to expand the UReach network so it can benefit a broader audience.