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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

Student Development by Wally Rude, Vice President

Our departmental mission statement is:  Student Development cultivates a hospitable learning environment that promotes wisdom development through faith formation and holistic student well-being.

As we launch into another academic year, we would appreciate your prayers for our staff:

  • For our capacity to accomplish our mission  and to support the mission of Ambrose
  • For wisdom and strength for new staff:
    • Julian Erb, Director of Community Life
    • James Sylvester, Exam and AV Coordinator
    • Ruthanne Williams, Admin Assistant: Student Development
  • For strength and wisdom for all student development staff members:
    • Terry Fach
    • Monique Verhoef
    • Joy Ulrich
    • Colin Kubinec
    • Paul Armbruster
    • Andrea Hensen
    • Gabriel Brandt
    • Beth Gripping

Please also pray for our students:

  • For capacity so that all our newly-hired student leaders will lead well
  • For the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, vocational, physical, and social development of ALL Ambrose students.
  • For successful transition for our new students
  • For all first-year programming, and in particular the new student orientation led by Lisa Moran
  • For residence students and their ability to adjust well to university life
  • For the successful launch of a new outdoor soccer program
  • For a successful Spiritual Emphasis Days with James Paton
  • For strong attendance at the three weekly chapels

Enrolment by Helen Thiessen, Director of Enrolment

We have a number of new staff on our enrolment team, so please pray for smooth transitions, quick training, and patience as we all get ready for our busy Fall recruitment season.

Over 200 new students will join our campus this Fall – and they are busy packing up, choosing courses, hearing about their roommates, and moving on to Ambrose with anxious excitement! Pray for travels, friendships to be made quickly, and for them to be welcomed into our Ambrose community.


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