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Pray for Ambrose


We in the Ambrose community believe in prayer and value your prayers. Please join us in praying for our campus:

Student Life from Laurie Ashlin-Mayo, Administrative Assistant

We praise God that the AVP role has been filled!  Pray for Monique Verhoef as she takes on this mantle of leadership.

Please also pray for:

  • Joy & strength in our work.
  • Residence students – that they would have a transformative experience to grow and mature in Christ.
  • Wisdom for student leaders and staff and faculty as they deal with mental health issues.  Pray also that barriers will be broken down and people will not be afraid to come forward for help with these issues. 
  • Our new cohort of student leaders for 2019/2020 - that we will have the right eyes to see the right people. They don’t necessarily have to be strong leaders already, but should have the potential to grow into the role. Pray that we will be able to find them and prepare them for their roles.
  • Eyes to see and ears to hear and the courage and will to respond to the needs we see.  To be able to build programs and structure community in new and effective ways that serve students. 
  • The community of Ambrose – that we will continue to become a vibrant, joy filled community.
  • The Residence Director hiring process – that we would find the person with the right fit for Ambrose.   
  • Students who are experiencing end-of-term pressures with final exams and marks – that they would be able to end the year well.
  • Students who are looking for summer employment, as well as for wisdom and provision as they plan for the following year. 
  • Our graduating students as they prepare for their future. 

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