Welcome to Ambrose Parent Engagement

The Parent Engagement office is here to serve you as you navigate this university journey with your student. Parents are an integral part of the Ambrose story and we want you to value Ambrose because of the impact the university has had on your student. We work to connect you with great resources and events, so that you will be able to say with confidence, "We love this place!"

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Summer storage

You might want to remind your student that we offer summer storage for those resident students that don’t want to have to take home items that they won’t be using over the summer.  The cost is $25.00 for the summer.

Topping up a meal plan

As we get close to the end if the semester your student may be running low on their meal plan money. You can add more to their account right from home.

  1. Go to and create an account. Note that Plastiq charges a small service fee for processing payments.
  2. Add Ambrose as a payee and select Meal Card Add-On as the payment type. Make sure to fill in as much of the student’s information as possible when prompted. The student’s name and Student ID# are required.
  3. Once we receive notification of a payment, we will load their card with the funds!
Via Bank Transfer
  1. Log in to your online banking portal. Add Ambrose as a payee/bill with your Student’s ID# as the account number.
  2. Once a payment is made, send an email to indicating funds are for a student’s meal card.
  3. Bank transfers take approximately a business day to complete so funds will be loaded approximately a day after payment has been sent.


The Financial Aid Office continues to be very busy during the Winter Semester as most scholarships deadlines take place for both current and prospective students.

We offer Financial Aid Counselling by:

  • Partnering with Momentum and Credit Counselling to provide money coaching to our students
  • Helping students to develop a spending plan of action
  • Strategizing for scholarships (Continuing Student Scholarships will be awarded at our Celebration of Excellence Chapel on April 11th)   
  • Applying for bursaries and Financial Assistance – deadline is June 1
  • Helping students leverage provincial scholarships
  • Accessing federal government grants and helping apply for student loans

Be sure to remind your student to make an appointment with Financial Aid Coordinator Hannah Temple ( if they have not already done so to discuss financial aid and scholarship options for the 2017/2018 school year.

Career Services for Ambrose Students

Here are some ways your student can take advantage of career services at Ambrose.

A message for students from Joy Ulrich, Director of Career Development:

  1. Personal appointment – I am available for a personal meetings with students to answer job search questions and brainstorm possibilities. This service is available even after you graduate! Drop by my office (M-TH 8:30-4:30) or send me an email at
  2. Resume Review – A professional resume is vital to a successful job search.  Email me yours for a review and suggested revisions.
  3. Career Fair: Work & Learning – Each year we bring representatives from both educational institutions and organizations with employment openings onto campus as a resource for Ambrose students seeking summer, career and further training opportunities. This year’s Career Fair has passed, but keep an eye on the Ambrose events calendar for the next fair date.
  4. E-Job Fair – We have launched an electronic job fair on the Ambrose Student & Alumni Job Board. Be sure to check the Job Board regularly for new opportunities and upload your resume so that potential employers can contact you directly.
  5. LinkedIn Lunch & Learn – On March 30 we will host a Lunch & Learn event on using the popular professional networking website LinkedIn. Come on out to gain the information you need to stand out in a competitive market. 
  6. Facebook page – Follow us at Ambrose University Career Services for job opportunities and job search information.

Student Development

Greetings from the Student Development Office,

Our dedicated staff and paraprofessional team is here to help your student finish well. As the year comes to a close, we’re focused on equipping students to return home after a year of growth in community at Ambrose. We’re also hard at work connecting them to resources as they prepare for exams.

Students change and develop in profound ways as they attend university. As parents with students who may be returning home after being away this year, you can start preparing yourself for their return by praying for them in this transition, and being ready to join them in reflecting on their year. 

A good practice would be to have an intentional conversation about both of your expectations for living back at home.  Are there new rules or expectations that they might be coming back to? Will these changes be potentially difficult for them to live with now that they have been away? What are the ways they feel they have changed that might inform how you relate together?  What ways have you changed while they were away? All good questions to discuss.

For those whose student has been living at home this year, there are still significant transitions to consider. As the pace changes into the four months of summer, are there expectations that need to be articulated now that they are not in school?  In what ways is your student developing at school and at home that will increasingly equip them for life after university? 

Each transition time can be a rich opportunity for exploration and reflection.

As your student wraps up here, there are lots of things they are facing. They may be looking for summer work, registering for next year’s classes, applying to live in Residence again or looking for off-campus housing as well as preparing to leave new friends and connect with old friends.  Consider offering lots of encouragement in their summer job search and recognize that as the end of March hits the stress levels can be quite high as exams are also approaching. Care Packages in the mail or left on the counter are always appreciated! 

Don’t forget to re-apply for Residence!

 Applications are open and can be filled out on Ambrose Residence web page anytime and emailed to