How to Make a Payment

How to Make a Payment

You can pay your tuition and fees through your bank, online by credit card, with a check by mail or in person at the Ambrose campus. You can even use Aeroplan®  Miles to help fund your Ambrose education.

In Person

We will accept:

  • Personal Cheques - ensure you write your name and Student ID# on the memo line
  • Bank Drafts - ensure you write your name and Student ID# on the memo line
  • Interac - be aware of the daily transaction limits of your debit card. Most debit cards generally have a $1000 daily limit

We will not be able to accept:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (you will be able to use your credit card via Plastiq, please see below)

By Mail 

You can mail a personal cheque or bank draft. Please write your name, Student ID# and a description of what you are paying for appears on the memo line or on a note.  

With a Bank Bill Payment

Ambrose University can be set up as a bill or payee through any of the major banks in Canada. Other credit unions also allow Ambrose University as a payee through their bill payment system. 

Steps to set up a bill payment with your bank:

  1. Navigate to your bank's website and log-in
  2. If this is your first time, you will need to add Ambrose University as a bill or payee. Navigate to the bill payments portion of your online banking webpage and click on "Add a Bill" or "Add a payee". Search for Ambrose.
    • Enter your student ID# as the account number. Your student ID# is unique and will identify your payment for your student account
    • Save the information
  3. Once you have created a profile for Ambrose, you can navigate to your list of payees/bills and create payments.
  4. It will take at least a business day for your payment to show up on your account. 

Pay Online with a Credit Card 

You can pay your tuition, mandatory fees, residence and meal plan fees with your preferred credit card via Plastiq. Plastiq is a third-party service provider that provides an online platform for credit card payments. Please review their Terms of Service before using. Plastiq charges up to a 2.85% fee per transaction.

To use Plastiq to make a credit card payment:

Go to and register for an account. Once you have logged in, add Ambrose as the recipient/payee.


Plastiq FAQ and Help

  • Adding and Managing Recipients
  • Adding and Managing Cards
  • Plastiq charges a fee of 2.50% per transaction. For each payment, you will see two charges on your credit card statement. One for the principal amount (ie. tuition); the other is for the service fee payable to Plastiq
  • ​It will take several business days from the time you pay to when it shows up on your student account. Please keep this in mind if you select this method of payment.
  • If you experience any problems with this method of payment, contact Plastiq directly. Their contact information is available here:

Pay Ambrose Fees with Aeroplan
Convert Aeroplan®  Miles to help fund your Ambrose education

Ambrose is a Participating Institution in the Higher Ed Points programSimply redeem 35,000 miles from the Aeroplan reward catalogue and receive a $250.00 credit which can be put toward your Ambrose tuition, residence, or meal plan fees. Friends and family members may also redeem their points in support of your education.

You may also apply for an Aeroplan Beyond Miles Pooling Account to allow individual friends and family to donate in increments as low as 1,000 miles. Each 35,000 miles accumulated can be converted into $250.00 credits.

Aeroplan and Aeroplan logo is a registered trademark of Aimia Canada Inc. TM Trademarks of Eduwiki Inc. Used under license by Higher Ed Points Inc.

Get Your Student Account Balance



  • Log-in with the username and password that you received from the Help Desk
    • If you do not have this information, please contact the Help Desk by email:
  • Click on the "Billing" menu item
    • Statements are available for the current semester. If you have questions or need more detail, please email


Send an email to to request a copy.

Deferred Payment Options

Rotessa Managed Payment Plan (deferred payments only)

You can pay your tuition in 4 equal payments over a semester to settle your account before the new semester begins.

To defer payment in this way requires:

  • A valid Canadian bank account
  • $75 per semester
  • $25 (plus GST) for each NSF payment

For any questions or subsequent applications

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