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Extended Learning


The Faculty of Education offers two extended learning opportunities. 


For practicing educators, an examination of numeracy pedagogy connecting research to present-day instructional practices. Students will build personal and common understandings of how children in schools engage with quantitative or spatial information to create meaning in the K-6 classroom. Instruction will build on a model of co-construction, which will culminate, with the development of a numeracy plan for use in their classrooms. Topics include visible numeracy practices that promote number conservation, problem-solving skills, mathematical relationships, geometrical thinking, and differentiation and assessment. For more information and to register please contact


This Leadership Quality Standard (LQS) certification program is comprised of two non-credit courses.  This is your opportunity to get informed, get real about yourself, get going as a school leader — and get the accreditation required to become a Principal in Alberta.

Advance your knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in the lives of students. Forge personal and professional connections that will enrich your personal and professional life. Benefit from Ambrose University’s expertise in preparing passionate educators through a program intentionally designed to give you:

  • the flexibility to choose how and when to complete the program’s two courses, in the way that works best for you
  • courses are completed in sequence

Featured Courses

  • ELQS 001 Becoming a Transformative Leader Fall

    Begin to develop your personal vision of leadership through guided inquiry, case studies and journaling. Reflect and question your personal beliefs about leadership through a focus on research and best practices about transformative leadership, interwoven with personal reflection and narrative. The course focusses on scaffolding research and best practices interwoven with personal reflection and narrative moving from foundational to application of the competencies.

  • ELQS 002 Being a Transformative Principal Spring

    Consolidate theory, your personal beliefs and contextual knowledge by focusing on instructional leadership, managing school operations, vision building and fostering effective relationships for a flourishing school culture. You will curate a personal leadership portfolio that showcases your ongoing grown as a leader.