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Program Overview

These programs offer rigorous training that provides a strong musical foundation, with broad-based instruction in performance, conducting, music theory, music history, and composition. As an Ambrose music student, you will develop your skills while receiving support and mentorship from award-winning instructors in a close-knit and supportive environment. You can choose between the classical and jazz streams, and then explore a rich selection of courses and experiences to custom-tailor a degree that enlarges your potential and sets you on a path for success in your chosen career.


Performance and Research
As an Ambrose music student, your performance opportunities include: singing with a choral program which has toured across Canada and Europe; the chance to audition as a concerto soloist with the Ambrose Chamber Orchestra; placements in jazz combos or the Ambrose String Ensemble; and opportunities for mentorship in chamber music or conducting. You also have the opportunity to perform and collaborate with other artists from the Ambrose Theatre and Dance programs. Through these  experiences, you will begin to build your professional network in this close community while learning from accomplished teachers and performers. 

Ambrose also offers specialized courses in music theory and musicology where you can explore theoretical analysis and music in historical and contemporary culture. Music students regularly present their work at the annual Ambrose Research Conference, and go on to study in graduate programs across Canada and the U.S.


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Here's a sampling of the jobs our alumni have landed with this degree or entered through further studies:

  • Performance musician
  • Conductor
  • Classroom music teacher
  • Music therapist
  • Private lesson instructor
  • Musicologist
  • Music retail
  • Sound engineering


This is your career
Prepare for a career of note in music performance, education, therapy or ministry.
Beyond the Classroom

Become a confident performer by engaging in masterclasses, recitals, and concerts.

Travel with Music