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Arts & Science Program Requirements


Arts and Science programs at Ambrose University derive from our mission statements, philosophies of learning, goals and objectives. The following summary lists the available Ambrose University Arts and Science programs. Please see the Academic Calendar for further information.

Bachelor of Arts (3 year – 90 credits)

Behavioural Science Concentration
Business Administration Concentration
Christian Studies Concentration
English Concentration

Bachelor of Arts (4 year – 120 credits)

Behavioural Science Major

Faculty Advisors: Alex Sanderson, Alan Ho, Monetta Bailey, Jim Cresswell, Joel Thiessen;;;
Social Sciences Coordinator: Kim McLachlan

Behavioural Science Major program requirements

Christian Studies Major
English Major
Bachelor of Business Administration (4 year – 120 credits)
Bachelor of Music (4 year – 120 credits)

Bachelor of Science (4 year – 120 credits)

Diploma in Acting (2 year – 80 credits)

University Studies Diploma (2 year – 60 credits)


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