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Bachelor of Business Administration (4 year)

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree develops professional skills and knowledge from both an academic and practical business perspective. Students gain a strong theoretical foundation and develop a base of skills and experience in a range of business-related fields. The degree also focuses on developing ethics and management values which reflect a Christian worldview.

Profile of the Graduating Student

Graduating students will be:

  • knowledgeable and functional contributors to organizations in the core areas of business;
  • effective communicators, good team players, and caring individuals;
  • engaged in the local community with an ethical, social, historical, and global awareness;
  • critical thinkers and creative problem solvers;
  • able to understand and integrate the core functional areas of business with a Christian perspective;
  • good stewards of all of God’s gifts including abilities, time and resources;
  • people of integrity ready to serve in the marketplace in a manner consistent with their faith.


Bachelor of Business Administration Program Requirements (120 credits)

UNI 101 The Ambrose Experience (non-credit)

Christian Formation (9 credits)
REL 105 Introduction to the Bible
REL 161 Introduction to Christian Theology
3 credits in Religion (REL) at the senior level

English (3 credits)
EN 130 Introduction to English Literature

Fine or Performing Arts (3 credits)

History (3 credits)
HI 140 Themes in World History

Philosophy (3 credits)
PH 125 Introduction to Philosophy

Social Science (3 credits)
PS 121 Introduction to Psychology or SO 121 Principles of Sociology

Science (3 credits)
ECOL 235 Introduction to Environmental Science

Science or Mathematics (3 credits)
MA 110 Introduction to Mathematics for Business

Pre-Professional Requirements (9 credits)
ECO 100 Introductory Microeconomics
ECO 101 Introductory Macroeconomics
STA 210 Introduction to Business Statistics I

Business and Society Elective (3 credits)
Choose one of:
     DVST 210 Introduction to Community Development 
     DVST 305/BUS 305 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
     SO 220 Social Problems
     PS 307 Psychological Impacts of Poverty
     BUS 304/DVST 304 Travel Study or BUS 404/DVST 404 Travel Study

Business Requirements (63 credits)
ACC 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC 210 Managerial Accounting
BUS 100 Introduction to Business Administration
BUS 201 Business Communication
BUS 211 Business Ethics and Sustainability
BUS 220 Finance
BUS 250 Organizational Behaviour
BUS 272 Introduction to Business Analytics
BUS 280 Marketing
BUS 290 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
BUS 330 Human Resource Management
BUS 342 Leadership in the Global Context
BUS 350 Business Law
BUS 371 Operations Management
BUS 410 Advanced Strategy
BUS 499 Capstone Seminar in Business
15 credits in ACC/BUS at the 300-level or higher. May include STA 220 Introduction to Business Statistics II

To meet senior level requirements of the program, 3 credits of Open Electives must be taken at the senior level.

Open Electives (15 credits)

Optional Business Streams

Students may choose one or more streams as indicated below (15 credits) with the exception of Accounting stream (18 credits).

Accounting (18 credits)
ACC 301 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACC 302 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
STA 220 Introduction to Business Statistics II
Three of the following:
     ACC 310 Intermediate Managerial Accounting
     ACC 401 Advanced Financial Accounting
     ACC 403 Principles of Auditing
     ACC 425 Introduction to Taxation
     ACC 495 Special Topics in Accounting
Note: to fulfill all of the requirements for the CPA PREP program, students will need all of the above (with the exception of ACC 495), plus BUS 370 Management Information Systems

Business Intelligence and Analytics
BUS 370 Management Information Systems
BUS 372 Data Analysis for Business
BUS 470 Project Management
BUS 472 Business Analytics
STA 220 Introduction to Business Statistics II

Entrepreneurship and Innovation (option suspended May 2022)
BUS 392 Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs
BUS 492a/b Entrepreneurship Incubator
For a total of nine credits:
One or two of the following:
     BUS 441 Advanced Leadership
     BUS 445 Special Topics in Leadership
     BUS 449 Senior Leadership Research
At least one of the following:
     BUS 380 Marketing Research
     BUS 382 Consumer Behaviour
     BUS 384 Brand Management
     BUS 385 Special Topics in Marketing
     BUS 386/DVST 386 Marketing Communications & Societal Marketing
     BUS 495 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Human Resource and Organization Development
BUS 440 Strategic Human Resource Management
Four of the following:
     BUS 331 Organization Development and Change
     BUS 431 Learning and Performance Management
     BUS 432 Recruitment and Selection
     BUS 433 Employee and Labour Relations
     BUS 435 Special Topics in Human Resources
     BUS 445 Special Topics in Leadership

BUS 380 Marketing Research
BUS 480 Strategic Marketing
Three of the following:
     BUS 382 Consumer Behaviour
     BUS 384 Brand Management
     BUS 385 Special Topics in Marketing
     BUS 386/DVST 386 Marketing Communications & Societal Marketing
     BUS 485 Special Topics in Marketing


General Requirements for Completion and Graduation

  • Completion of The Ambrose Experience (UNI 101) (non-credit, mandatory during one of the first two semesters of study)
  • Completion of a total of 120 credits (as outlined above)
  • A minimum of 72 credits must be taken at the 200-level or higher
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0, with a CGPA of at least 2.0 in ACC/BUS courses combined