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Welcome to Ambrose School of Business! Our business programs provide you with an excellent foundation to pursue your entrepreneurial passions. Opportunities within the programs, such as industry events and mentorships, help you make valuable business connections that open a world of opportunities after graduation.


 Learning business within the liberal arts context pulls students out of the mundane, purely technical activity often ascribed to business, to develop a broader understanding of their holistic purpose. 

Dr. Murray MacTavish, Associate Dean, School of Business


Why Business at Ambrose?

91% hiring rate within one year of graduation 

Business Connections: Both formally and informally, we are connecting students to the business community. We hold industry events for business students, and other sessions both on how to connect and offer connection opportunities, regularly invite business leaders to our classes, enter case competitions and offer mentorship opportunities for upper-year students.

Student Connections: Our student-led Ambrose Business Society seeks to work with business students to serve, socialize and connect with the business community. Many of our business alumni are now business colleagues. We also encourage our business students to engage with the broader Ambrose population as well as within their own churches and communities.


Faculty and Staff