Ambrose Volunteer Joyce Froehler

Ambrose Remembers Joyce Froehler

Ambrose remembers a volunteer who made an impact in our school, students, staff and faculty with over 25 years of service.

Drumheller Alberta Passion Play

A Lyrical New Voice for the Passion Play

The Badlands Passion Play was performed in musical theatre form for the first time in 2018, written by Ambrose Chair of the Arts Barrett Hileman with composer Luke Ertman.

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

How to Balance Work and School

Kaitlin shares tips for balancing work as a full-time student

Ambrose Student Ambassador Mo Hickman

So, You’re at a Christian University?

Mo explains what makes Ambrose University a Christian university. 

Engaging with the C&MA family at General Assembly 2018 in Calgary

Ambrose University was represented at the Christian and Missionary Alliance General Assembly this year by faculty, staff and alumni with a booth, creative scripture reading, ice cream social sponsorship and good fellowship.

Flourishing Congregations Institute Stories

Flourishing Congregation Institute Hosts Leaders from Churches across Canada

Church leaders from across Canada will meet in Calgary to gain valuable insights to ensure their churches are doing all they can to thrive.

Ambrose@Large Online Community

Church leaders across Canada have access to information riches thanks to innovative online portal

Ambrose recently launched Ambrose @ Large, an exciting initiative to create an online space for church leaders to share knowledge, learn best practices and contribute tools for those working in Christian ministry in Canada.

All Roads Lead Home

10th Anniversary Celebrations Kick Off in September

Regardless of the paths alumni take in life, all lead home to Ambrose, as a celebration of the university's 10th anniversary gets underway.

Ambrose Student Ambassador Kaitlin Henczel

Three reasons why YOU should choose Ambrose!

Kaitlin writes about the academic, community and spiritual reasons why Ambrose is the place to be.

Presidential Scholarship Candidates 2018

Presidential Scholarship Recipient Excited to Grow Academically, Spiritually at Ambrose this Fall

We caught up with the recipient for this year's Presidential Scholarship, who will be starting her post-secondary education at Ambrose this Fall.

Ambrose Alumni Madison McBlain

Ambrose Pastor's Conference 2018

Ambrose Student, Madison McBlain, gives her perspective on this year's Pastor's Conference. 

Do Business Like a Canadian

Soul of the Next Economy Forum is held each fall at Ambrose University to host thought-provoking discussions among social entrepreneurs, industry leaders and champions of corporate social responsibility.

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