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Residence Life Community Standards


Please note that the Residence Life Community Standards are subject to change.

Residence Life seeks to cultivate a Christ-centred hospitable learning environment that promotes a flourishing community, faith formation, and holistic well-being. The Residence Life Community Standards reflect Ambrose University’s commitment to serve as a community of transformative Christian higher education. These standards are intended to create a community of safety and care for the students, physical buildings, and furniture. It also seeks to help students thrive, develop in wisdom and grow holistically.

The resident, and/or any person who has been granted permission to enter the Ambrose residence, shall comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to the Ambrose Residence Life Community Standards for the full term of enrolment in the Ambrose Residence Life program and also adhere to the Ambrose Community Life Standards as long as they are enrolled as a student.

Eligibility and Requirements to Live in Residence

1. We highly recommend all first year students under 21 years of age to live in Residence. We believe it is your best options for a smooth and supportive transition into university life and to experience all that Ambrose community has to offer. Studies show that living in residence has a positive impact on student satisfaction and degree completion.

2. Residence students must sign the Residence Tenancy Agreement when applying to residence. 

3. The resident will be a student enrolled full-time or part-time at Ambrose University. Exceptions may be granted by the Residence Director in consultation with the Director of Community Life. 

4. Senior Student Pod

To be eligible for the Senior Student Pod, a student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Be in their third or fourth year at Ambrose
  • Be in Seminary or the Education program

Special permission can be granted to other students by the Residence Director.

5. Room Change Requests

Students are recommended to stay in their assigned room for the entire school year. If a student wants to switch their room before fall residence move in they must fill out the room change request form and email it to the Residence Director by August 15th. Similarly, if a student wants to switch rooms for the winter semester they must email the Residence Director and fill out the room change request form by December 15th. The Residence Director will assess requests and determine the decision with the community and individual in mind. The form can be acquired through the Residence Director by email.


6. Please read the lease agreement for details about the Residence Fees, Room Reservation Fee, and the Damage Deposit. 

7. Residence room fees are subject to change and are due at the beginning of each semester.

8. The resident will be responsible for the cost of repairs to his/her room or any common spaces that have been damaged due to the resident or his/her guest. Any unclaimed damages will be assigned to an individual, pod or the residence community at the discretion of Campus Services.

9. The Residence fee is determined based on the time when school is in session but does not cover the Christmas break or spring/summer break. Residents are expected to leave campus over the Christmas break and summer break. Students may apply for Christmas, spring and summer housing through Campus Services. Additional fees may apply.

10. Residents are required to purchase a meal plan provided by Ambrose Food Services. Meal plan exemptions may be granted if a signed doctor’s note is provided explaining the medical reason for needing an exemption and emailed to Meal plan exemption requests will be processed by the Residence Director. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis. All meal plan changes from the fall semester to the winter semester must be submitted in writing before the last day of exams to or The Meal Plan Policy is stated in the residence application form.  

Property and Storage

11. There is a Storage Room reserved for student use in the Wilson Residence basement. During the school year, this room will remain locked to be safe for storage. All student belongings must be removed from the storage room the week before final exams in April. Students who are returning to Residence in the fall have the option of renting a small space in the storage room to store their belongings during the summer. Items in storage must be in boxes or Rubbermaid containers and be clearly labelled with the student’s name and pod.

12. Ambrose shall not be liable for damage to person or property or loss of property for any cause whatsoever, whether the same be caused by default or negligence of another resident, or any person, whether lawfully or unlawfully upon the premises, and the resident shall indemnify Ambrose against any such claim out of or in any way related to the actions of the resident.

13. All personal items brought into residence must be removed from the residence by the residence closing dates in the fall or winter semesters. All items left in residence after the closing date will be disposed of. Any cost of disposal will be applied to the person(s) who left it or be evenly distributed among the pod members.

14. Residence room furniture (desks, beds, chairs, mattresses, etc.) shall not be removed from its original room. Residence room furniture is not to be stored in the pod lounges or any other area in residence without the written approval of the Residence Director.


15. Ambrose is a smoke-free campus. Smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes are prohibited anywhere on the Ambrose campus including within all Ambrose buildings as well as outdoor spaces, parking lots or any vehicle on Ambrose property.

The use of cannabis and tobacco is highly discouraged, along with other substances that may be addictive or unhealthy. Students will be fined $200 each time they smoke, vape, or use e-cigarettes in residence or on campus.

The following are prohibited on Ambrose’s campus or at any Ambrose sponsored event or activity (i.e. travel studies, athletic events, club events). 1) The use of cannabis in any of its derivatives 2) cannabis impairment and 3) the distribution of cannabis. Any student seeking an exemption related to the use of medicinal cannabis usage can inquire with the Director of Community Life in the Student Life office. A valid prescription for medicinal use will be required.

Please refer to the Ambrose Smoke-Free Campus Policy for further information.

16. Ambrose takes a responsible freedom approach to alcohol use for those aged 18 and older (18 is the legal drinking age in the province of Alberta). Students will practice moderation, careful judgment and self-control in their choices and avoid participation in events where the main purpose is the consumption of alcohol. The possession/consumption of alcohol, possession of empty alcohol containers and alcohol intoxication is prohibited on campus, including in residence. 

17. The use of FasTac brand hooks, Command 3M removable hooks, tacks, nails and/or tape is not permitted on the walls in Residence. The residents may only use “funtac” on the walls in residence. Also, the resident is not allowed to put anything up on any common area walls unless permitted by the Residence Director.

18. Residents are not permitted to display items, posters or signs that contain offensive material or that promote behaviour contrary to the Ambrose Community Life Standards.

19. The resident will not bring into his/her room a pet of any kind except fish. Only small fish tanks (less than 25 liters) will be permitted.

20. Open flames, including candles, are not permitted in residence at any time. Exceptions will require permission from the Residence Director and may be granted on occasion in residence basements. Other banned items include fireworks, incense and sparklers, highly flammable materials (e.g. gas or kerosene) and hot plates. Space heaters are also not permitted unless approved by the Residence Director.

Use of Space

21. Residents will be required to keep public spaces (pods, study areas, lounges, kitchens and prayer rooms) clear of personal belongings. All items that are left in those places will be placed in the lost and found. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity at residence closing in April. Before Christmas break, residents will be asked to do a mid-year cleaning and rooms will be checked for fire code safety before residence closing in December.

22. In compliance with the fire code and to facilitate cleaning, the resident shall keep all common areas, including hallways and stairwells, free from boxes, bicycles, sports equipment, laundry and other personal belongings.

23. The resident shall not use his/her room or any of the common spaces for any purpose other than that of a living facility, including any trade, business or illegal act.

24. Students are welcome to use residence kitchens for special events. Ambrose does not provide cooking supplies for residence kitchens. Students are expected to clean up the kitchen and to take all supplies back to their room.

25. All items in pod and basement fridges must be labelled and be before their expiration date. All items will be thrown out that do not meet this standard. Students will be responsible to have all perishable items removed at Christmas break and every item removed at residence closing in April.

26. Overnight sleeping in the pod lounge or public spaces is not permitted.

27. Unoccupied rooms in residence are not to be entered or used by residents or their guests. Any belongings found in unoccupied rooms will be removed and the resident may be charged for any cleaning or repair costs.


28. False fire alarms may result in a fee from the City Fire Department ($500 or more), which will be the responsibility of the resident(s) involved.

29. The emergency exit door located at the end of each pod’s common area is not to be propped open. Propping this door open may result in a fine or community sanction from the Residence Director. This consequence will be applied to the individual who props open the door. If the individual cannot be determined, the fine or sanction will be applied to everyone on the pod.

30. Residents will not allow an unknown non-resident into any residence building or allow unknown non-residents to follow them into a building.

31. Students who are spending the night off campus will let their Residence Assistant know in advance. They will also let the Residence Assistant know when they will return to campus.


32. Students are responsible to respect other students’ right to privacy, sleep and quiet. Excessive noise at any time of day is not acceptable. Quiet should be expected in the pods between 11pm – 8am

33. Quiet outside of residence is in effect from 10pm – 7am, in accordance with city bylaws and out of respect for the greater community surrounding our campus.


34. To promote intentional community building, all residents are expected and strongly encouraged to participate in weekly floor meetings. These meetings take place on Wednesday evenings at 10pm in the common area of the pod and last approximately 1 hour. 

35. The open pods in residence will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from noon – 10pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon – 11pm. During this time, pods are open to any student. Students may only go into the rooms of the opposite gender during open pods with the door propped fully open. Any exceptions to open pods must get approval from the Residence Director. Reading Week open pod hours are from noon – 10pm Monday to Thursday and then regular hours on the weekend. Sr. Pod open pod hours are noon – 11pm every day.


36. Residents may purchase a parking pass for the Residence parking lot through Campus Services. The loading zones must be kept clear for emergency vehicles and are meant for drop off and pick up only. At no time should a vehicle be left in the loading zone unattended. See website for further information. 


37. The Residence Assistant must be aware of any overnight guests in residence. If a guest is wanting to stay for more than 3 nights, the Residence Director must approve the length of stay. Guests are welcome to stay with their host in residence but should not be spending more than 10 nights per semester in residence.

38. Guests are the responsibility of the resident host. All overnight guests must be hosted by a student of the same gender and sleep in the host’s room. No overnight guest is permitted without the consent of the roommate(s).  Parents and children under 13 are not permitted to stay overnight.

39. There will be no overnight guests permitted during New Student Orientation and the week of final exams.


40. Misconduct will be handled in accordance with the Ambrose Community Life Standards Procedures.

Complaints and Appeals

41. Misconduct could result in the resident being removed from residence.