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Leveling Up

What's your next goal? Whether you're working on improving your grades or getting more out of your classes, we'll help you set goals--and exceed them. 

Please note that for Spring 2023 we have limited availability.  

To inquire about booking an appointment, please email 

Assessment + Planning

Each term, we invite you to meet with an academic coach to plan ahead. If you're new to the Academic Accountability program, we'll start with some self-assessment exercises that will help you identify strengths and areas for improvement. If you've participated in the program before, we'll discuss past strategies to figure out what's working and what's not working for you. Either way, we'll use that self-knowledge to design a customized plan for the semester, with specific, achievable goals and resources for achieving them. 

Time Management

Want to make the most of your time? Meet with an academic coach to review your schedule, set deadlines, and discuss strategies to stay on track!  

Other: Check-Ins and Skill Building

Once you've met with us to plan for your semester, we encourage you to follow up for regular check-ins and skill-building. You can meet with an academic coach every couple of weeks or every month--or just when you feel like you need a little motivational boost. Please only book this type of meeting if you've already connected with an academic coach for an assessment and planning meeting or a time management meeting this term. 


Contact us at or 403.407.9425