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Academic Coaching



Location: Student Academic Success, Second Floor




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What's your next goal? Whether you're working on improving your grades or getting more out of your classes, we'll help you set goalsand exceed them. 



As learners, we're all different. Find out what's working for you, and what's not, by meeting with an academic coach! Before the appointment, you'll have a chance to work through three simple questionnaires that will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement; during the session, we'll talk through your results and work with you to identify specific, achievable goalsand resources for achieving them. 

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Time Management

Want to make the most of your time? Meet with an academic coach to review your schedule, set deadlines, and discuss strategies to stay on track! You can also book recurring check-ins (e.g., once a month, once every couple of weeks) to help you review your plan and set short-term goals for yourself. 

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Study Skills

Learn more about exam-taking, study strategies, note-taking, and more by meeting with an academic coach. (Note: We recommend that you book a self-discovery appointment first, as that session will help you learn more about where you're at in each of these areas.) 

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Academic Check-In for Student Athletes

Learn more about yourself and develop strategies for balancing your athletic schedule with your academic commitments! 

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Booking Closures 2023 & 2024

Fall 2023

  • September 30 (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation)
  • October 4 (Deeper Life Conference)
  • October 9 (Thanksgiving)
  • November 6 - 10 (Reading Week)
  • November 11 (Remembrance Day)
  • December 12 - December 31 (Closed for Final Exams and Winter Break)

Winter 2024:

  • January 1 - 7 (Winter Break)
  • January 25 (Undergraduate Program Day)
  • February 19 (Family Day)
  • February 20 - 24 (Reading Week)
  • March 26 (Ambrose Research Conference)
  • March 29 (Good Friday); April 1 (Easter Monday)
  • April 13 - April 23 (Closed for Final Exams).

Spring 2024:

  • May 20 (Victoria Day) 

Summer 2024:

  • June 29 - Fall 2024 (Closed)

Online Resources

Looking for tips to get you started? Check out our online resources on study skills & professionalism and on academic writing, research, & communication.