Compete with Business

Cooperation, collaboration AND competition. In Ambrose Business, we learn to work well with others, we challenge each other, and we aspire to improve ourselves and the organizations and businesses that we come into contact with and will ultimately work for. Case competitions and similar events are one way that we hone our skills and business acumen.

In March 2018, Ambrose business students competed for the first time in the HRC West case competition at SAIT. This is an annual case competition focused on human resources and hosted by the Alberta and BC HR Associations. Typically about 16 teams complete and students are given a case study in the morning, locked in a room for three hours and then present their plan to judges. In March 2019, another group of Ambrose business students competed in the same competition in Kamloops, B.C., and plans are underway for 2020.

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Ambrose business students faced off against each other in November 2018 in an internal competition as a part of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility’s Do Business #LikeACanadian Canada-wide initiatives. This initiative highlights sustainability & the SDGs, Canada’s global competitiveness, and innovation. Members and friends of Ambrose Business took part in the Do Business #LikeACanadian Calgary event in April 2019.

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Ambrose students competed in Mount Royal University’s Vivacity competition in 2015 and 2016. This involved 36 hour challenges in teams of students from different Calgary universities working together and then completing against other teams. In 2017 and again in 2019, Ambrose students have continued with the Vivacity inter-institutional collaboration by taking part in semester-long projects on implementing solutions to local challenges to make Calgary more vibrant, livable, and sustainable.

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Follow our students as they compete on Ambrose Business linkedin. Do you want to sponsor our case competitions? Contact to support our Case Competition, Leaders of Tomorrow, or Soul of the Next Economy Forum initiatives.