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Common Genres

The Professional Email

Ambrose University, "How to Email Your Prof"

  • This document outlines some best practices for emailing your professors. You can also use these tips to help you email other professionals, both around campus and in your career. 

The Blog Poststack of books

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Blogs"

  • This page describes common types of blogs and offers tips to help writers develop a strong, appropriate voice for their blogs.

The Writing Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison, "Writing an Effective Blog Post"

  • This page talks through each of the elements of a blog post: headline, lede (the first sentence or paragraph, intended to catch interest), images, links, and so on.
  • Take the advice on block quotations with a grain of salt: yes, a block quotation can break up your text, offering a break to your reader's eye. And, yes, a block quotation--like any other form of evidence--can help you build credibility. However, don't give too much of your space away: long quotations leave less space for your own voice. Also, while this page suggests that you quote instead of rephrasing, we suggest that you quote and then rephrase: by rephrasing (briefly) after your quotation, you show that you understood the quotation and can use it to advance your argument.

The Research Poster (aka. Conference Poster)

Thompson Rivers University Library, "Academic Posters"