Partner With Business

Partnerships lie at the core of business; opportunities come about based on who you know. Ambrose Business has an extensive array of connections at their fingertips for students to take advantage of. It takes more than just researching companies and doing case studies on them. At Ambrose, students are encouraged to take a small step outside of their comfort zone, to network with the people that could lead to huge steps in their careers.

Beyond the Classroom

Our Ambrose business program vision is “to provide high quality, business learning experiences that equip students, organizations, and communities with values-based knowledge, meaningful connections, and community engagement opportunities that lead to: collaborative inquiry; innovative and sustainable solutions; and transformative social impact”. As we seek to carry out this vision, we seek opportunities to directly engage our classes with the businesses in the community.

Guest speakers in our classrooms are a highlight too.


Soul Forum

The Soul of the Next Economy Forum, hosted by Ambrose University for the past 5 years, has created a solid foundation of partners. The Soul of the Next Economy brings together individuals and organizations from across sectors to inspire innovative ways to create a more sustainable economy. Companies such as Vibrant Communities Calgary, Maple Leaf Foods, CBSR, and so many more partners with the forum and Ambrose to make it possible to engage in meaningful and transformational conversation regarding the future of business.

Read more in the Soul Forum Blog.


Hire our Grads

It is common, after graduation, to feel like a fish out of water while trying to search for a job. Especially one that could lead to a long-term career. This is why it is critical to take advantage of those opportunities offered during the course of a business degree. Ambrose makes it as easy as possible for students to build networks and find connections to areas of interest. Through partnering with different organizations for class lectures, projects, and job fairs, Ambrose provides students with many opportunities to connect with the right people.

We engage with such organizations as ATB Financial, CPA Alberta, DECO Windshield Repair, Enterprise Holdings, Epic Roofing, Samaritan’s Purse, PWC, Sponsor Energy, Fiasco Gelato, and Black Diamond Group through industry fairs, lunch ‘n learns, and other networking events. Recent alumni are starting careers in some of these organizations, as well as large organizations like: Suncor, Apple, and PepsiCo; accounting firms like MNP; banks like BMO; non-profits and churches like Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and Experience Church; tech companies like SMART Technologies, and start-ups like Little Biz Marketing, Mobile Escape, and Tiller Digital. Our alumni continue to succeed and give back to their communities in a variety of careers once they graduate from Ambrose Business.


Advise the business program

The Ambrose University Business Program is committed to training students for real-world work in their respective fields. Part of this training involves connecting the program and the students with real-world professionals. In June 2019, we met with a team of advisors for our inaugural Human Resources Advisory Committee meeting. This group included HR Leaders from many sectors (oil/gas, government, energy, technology, health & safety, executive coaching and consulting). It also included a representative from CPHR Alberta. The committee’s mandate is to advise our professors and the business program on how we can best offer our HR courses and the HR Stream going forward. They will also offer work with the program to connect the students into HR-related events and opportunities. We are excited to have such a talented group of passionate professionals partner with our program and look forward to seeing our program grow in the future! The current committee includes: 

Do you want to advise is on our business streams? We are looking for experts in accounting, marketing, business analytics, and entrepreneurship, with advisory committees in accounting and marketing to kick off in fall 2019. If you would like to participate in any of our stream advisory groups, contact or or a business faculty member.

Stay up to Date

Keep up to date with exciting job opportunities on Ambrose's Job Board. Follow other ways we engage with organizations on Ambrose Business LinkedIn. Do you want to be a part of Ambrose Business job fairs, partnerships, or internships? Contact for more information.