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Undergraduate Programs


Personal Confidence • Promising future

Ambrose University offers degrees in the liberal arts. This means that some required courses are in disciplines other than your major, so that you will learn different ways of thinking. for instance the empiricism of science, the interpretation of history and literature and the wisdom of biblical studies provide different perspectives on the world. The same is true for social science, business, and the arts. Taken together, these perspectives strengthen students' character development by providing the basis for a life of thoughtful reflection and ethical behaviour. Further, a liberal arts education provides a foundation of general knowledge and career-relevant skills that prepares you for a range of professions. Students learn to digest complex information, formulate effective arguments, communicate well, and solve problems. These are the vital skills for the workplace which can make the difference between you and others when entering or progressing in your chosen field.

A Future After Ambrose

Can't decide on a program? These are just a few of the career paths you can follow, whether directly after graduation or through additional graduate work:

Arts (Theatre and Arts)

  • Stage manager
  • Professional actor
  • Playwright
  • Performance musician
  • Composer
  • Music teacher
  • Music therapist


  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Project Manager
  • Social entrepreneur
  • Business analyst
  • Human resource officer
  • Accountant
  • Sustainability consultant

Behavioural Science/Psychology

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Data analyst
  • Human resource professional
  • Applied research
  • Child and youth worker
  • Crisis intervention specialist
  • Police worker

Education (After Degree)

  • Elementary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Curriculum developer
  • School administrator
  • School psychologist
  • Learning coach
  • Private tutor


  • Science researcher
  • Teacher
  • Medical professional
  • Environmental consultant
  • Dentist/orthodontist
  • Veterinarian
  • Physiotherapist


  • Teacher/professor
  • Technical writer
  • Editor
  • Lawyer
  • Government worker
  • Researcher
  • Library

Admission Requirements


Five Grade 12-level courses including English, three academic courses, and one additional course, with a minimum overall average of 60%.

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English Language

If English isn't your primary language, you'll need to demonstrate English

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Important Dates

Fall 2023

  • August 31 - Fees due
  • September 3 - Residence opens
  • September 5 - Orientation for new students
  • September 6 - Classes begin
  • September 18 - Last day to add/drop a course