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On the recommendation of the faculty, degrees and diplomas are conferred by the President of the Seminary at a spring Convocation of the faculty, alumni, graduands and their guests.


Time Limitation for Completion of Credentials

Normally, there is no time limitation for the application of credit toward an Ambrose credential for any Course completed at Ambrose or at any recognized accredited post-secondary institution.

Time limitations (stale dating) may be imposed if the Course content is particularly time-sensitive. Any such time limitations must be approved ty the Dean of the appropriate Faculty upon recommendation from the Chair.

All graduate requirements for a master degree must be completed within ten (10) years of admission to the program. Exemptions may be granted

There is no limit on the number of years for completion of a certificate or diploma.

Students unable to complete a credential within the stated time limits will be removed from the program and be required to apply for readmission.

Graduation Application

To receive a degree, you must submit a Graduation Application form to the Office of the Registrar no later than the date noted in the Academic Schedule.

A Graduation Application fee must accompany the application (see Registrar/Registration Fees). Applications received after the deadline may be accepted for consideration or they may be held until the next convocation ceremony. Those that are accepted will be charged a late fee in addition to the graduation fee (see Registrar/Registration Fees).

The Graduation Application form alerts the Office of the Registrar to review your academic record and recommend that the President grant your degree. If you want to graduate you must, therefore, complete the Graduation Application form by the prescribed deadline and pay the Graduation Application fee, even if you do not plan to attend the convocation ceremony.

Former students cannot apply to graduate with a degree which is no longer offered. You must be admitted into and graduate from a current Ambrose University program.

If you plan to apply courses taken at another institution toward your degree, and you have not yet been granted transfer credit for those courses, you must list them on your Graduation Application form. To receive transfer credit, you must provide official transcripts showing suitable final grades (as defined in the Transfer Credit section of this Academic Calendar) to the Office of the Registrar no later than one month prior to convocation. You are responsible for having official transcripts from other institutions sent directly to the Office of the Registrar.

If you fail to submit your official transcripts before the prescribed deadline, you cannot expect to have your name added to the graduation list or to be recommended for your degree until the following convocation.

When completing degree requirements in spring session, summer session or fall session, you will not receive your degree prior to the following convocation. However, at your request, the Office of the Registrar can issue an official letter indicating that you have completed all of the academic degree requirements of your program.


Graduation Requirements

You alone are responsible for meeting all applicable requirements for graduation. To be considered eligible for graduation, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Your degree program requirements, as outlined in the Academic Calendar in effect at the date of registration in the program (or readmission to the program), must be completed satisfactorily. Academic credit may be earned at Ambrose University and may include transfer credit consistent with Ambrose University policy
  • Your minimum cumulative GPA must be 2.7 for all programs except the Master of Theological Studies which requires a minimum CGPA of 3.0.
  • You must have completed a minimum number of credits at Ambrose Seminary – 30 credits for all 60 credit Masters degree programs and 45 credits for the Master of Divinity degree programs;
  • You must submit a completed Graduation Application form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline in the Academic Schedule.
  • Your graduation application fee must accompany the application.
  • You must be approved for graduation by vote of the Seminary faculty.
  • Your program of study must be completed in no more than 10 years of study.


Outstanding Accounts

If you owe the University any fees, fines or other charges you will not be permitted to graduate, which means you cannot participate in ceremonies, will not be listed in the convocation program and will not receive official transcripts or a degree parchment.  The deadline to clear all outstanding accounts in order to be permitted to graduate is two full weeks prior to the convocation ceremony.


Academic Attire

Gowns: Masters’ gowns follow the black gown specified by North American Intercollegiate Code.
Hoods: Students graduating with a Masters’ degree wear red, the hood colour for the discipline of Theology.
Headwear: Masters’ headwear is the black mortarboard or trencher-type.


Graduating In Absentia

If you plan to miss the graduation ceremony, you still need to complete the Graduation Application form by the prescribed deadline and pay the Graduation Application fee in order to graduate. Your degree parchments will be mailed to you.


Degree Parchment

It is Ambrose University policy to use the full legal registered name of students on the degree parchment. Changes in name must be supported by legal documentation. Minors and approved concentrations will not be indicated on your degree parchment, but will be noted on your official transcript.


Replacement Degrees

If your degree parchment gets damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, or if you request a legal name change, Ambrose University will issue a replacement degree parchment for a fee (see Registrar/Registration Fees). You are responsible to pay any additional costs for courier service, insurance or other delivery options.

A replacement parchment will not be issued if you have an unpaid student account.  A Parchment Replacement Request form is available on our website. All replacement degree parchments will be marked “duplicate,” with the date they were reprinted. Replacement degrees usually will not have original signatures.