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Program Information


Certificate Credentials

Credit Certificate: Generally, this credential will be a minimum of 5 courses (15 credits) in length. The program may include program requirements, core and elective courses.

Credit-free Certificate or Designation: Programs of this type must have a minimum of 50 instructional hours.


Diploma Programs

Graduate programs will have a minimum of 10 courses (minimum 30 credits).


Master Degree Programs

A master degree is a program of no less than 60 credits. The type of courses in each degree may vary because of accreditation requirements.


Change of Program

To transfer from one Ambrose Seminary degree program to another, you must submit a Change of Program Application (see prior to the Add/Drop deadline (see Academic Schedule), meet any applicable program admission requirements  and receive the approval of the Registrar. You should be aware of differences in core courses and program requirements before you transfer from one program to another. We advise you to consult the Finance Office concerning your student loans before submitting your Change of Program Application.

When you switch programs, any completed courses that satisfy your new program’s requirements will be applied to the new program. Be aware that transferring to a new program may extend the time needed to complete your degree, especially if you haven’t completed the new program’s core or prerequisite courses. If you have completed relevant course work at other institutions, it will be re-evaluated for transfer credit in light of the new program requirements.

Earning a Second Degree

You can earn up to a maximum of two master’s degrees at Ambrose Seminary. To earn a second degree, you must apply to the Office of the Registrar and meet the following conditions:

  • The admission requirements of the second degree
  • The completion of requirements of both degrees
  • The second degree must have a different specialization from the first degree
  • No more than one-half of the credits required for the subsequent degree can be applied from a degree previously granted
  • Both degrees must meet the criteria established by the Association of Theological Schools to retain the integrity of each degree offered