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Summary of Changes for 2024-2025 Seminary Academic Calendar


Ambrose Regulations: section added

  • Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) Policy moved to this section
  • Student Community Life Standards Policy added
  • Copyright information added
  • Gender-based and Sexual Violence Response and Awareness moved to this section
  • Communication Policies moved to this section



  • Application Supporting Documents: information updated
  • Application Deferral: information updated
  • English Language Requirements: information updated


General Admission Requirements: information updated


Admission Status: information updated


Admission Types: information added


Program Specific Admission Requirements: information updated


Academic Information and Policies

  • Definitions: information updated


Categories of Experiential Learning Experiences: section added


Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Transfer Credit: information updated
  • Letters of Permission: information updated
  • Conditions of Transfer Credit and Letters of Permission: information updated
  • Recognition of Prior Learning: Unaccredited Institutions: information updated


Academic Standing: section added


Academic Records: information updated


Academic Accommodations: section added


Academic Appeals: information updated



  • North American Indigenous Students and Commencement: information added


Programs of Study:

  • Master in Leadership and Ministry: Chinese Language version added


Clinical Pastoral Education renamed Clinical Psycho-Spiritual Education


Course Changes:

  • Course name revised: SPC 715, SPC 716, SPC 717, SPC 718
  • New Course: THEO 680, cross-leveled with REL 380
  • THEO 681 cross-leveled with REL 381