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Summary of Changes for 2023-2024 Seminary Academic Calendar


General Information: Library information updated 

Accreditations and Affiliations: information updated 

Ambrose Institutes: information added 

Program Specific Admission Requirements: Theological Studies in Chinese updated

Student Life:

  • Spiritual Development information updated 
  • Athletics and Campus Recreation information updated 
  • Health Insurance for International Students information updated 
  • Gender-based and Sexual Violence Response and Awareness information updated 

Student Academic Success: information updated

Academic Information and Policies

  • Definitions updated 
  • Recording of Lectures updated 
  • Registration information updated 
  • Transfer Credit information updated 
  • Academic Misconduct updated 

Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Care: Taylor Seminary removed 

Course Descriptions:

  • General Course information updated 
    • Notes added: Antirequisites, Corerequisites, May be Repeated for Credit, Note, Prerequisites
  • Course Credit information updated 
  • Cross-leveled and Cross-listed Courses information updated 

Course Changes:

  • New Course: BT 621 The People of God: Ecclesiology in the New Testament
  • BT 645-CL added to BT 645
  • BT 700-CL added to BT 700
  • Christian Studies course code changed from CS to CST
  • ED 641 frequency revised
  • New Course: LE 507 Digital Ministry and Mission
  • NT 604-CL added to NT 604
  • NT 621 prerequisite revised
  • Spiritual Care course code changed from SC to SPC
  • Theology course code changed from TH to THEO
  • TH 667 description revised
  • New Course: TH 681 The Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • TH 700-CL added to TH 700