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Master in Intercultural Ministries


The Master in Intercultural Ministries (MIM) program provides preparation for professional ministry. Today’s ministers need greater cultural fluency as they regularly are called upon to minister in an increasingly multicultural, diverse world. Matters of cultural fluency, religious and cultural pluralism are regularly integrated in an effort to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage in ministry both in Canada and around the world.

All MIM students without professional ministry experience complete a (minimum) three-month full-time internship in a ministry context.  Student with ministry experience may propose a ministry project with a mentor instead of an internship.

All MIM students are required to compile a Personal Growth Portfolio (PGP) during their program. The PGP assists them in tracking and integrating their personal development in conversation with an academic advisor.


Master in Intercultural Ministries Program Requirements (60 credits)

Biblical Studies (12 credits)
NT 502 Synoptic Gospels
OT 502 Pentateuch
3 credits in New Testament (NT) or Biblical Theology (BT)
3 credits in Old Testament (OT) or Biblical Theology (BT)

Theological Studies (6 credits)
THEO 501 The Christian Confession
One of the following:

  • THEO 622 Christianity and Culture
  • THEO 623 Christian Ethics
  • THEO 624 Theology and the Church Response to Residential Schools

Practical Theology Studies (9 credits)
LE 503 Leadership and Leadership Formation
PT 501 Personal Formation and Development
IND 501 Introduction to the Personal Growth Portfolio (1 credit)
IND 740 The Personal Growth Portfolio (2 credits)

Intercultural Ministries (18 credits)
MI 501 Personal and Corporate Outreach
MI 502 Intercultural Competence
MI 503 Mission in Global Perspective
MI 511 Cultural Anthropology for Intercultural Ministry
MI 613 Third Millennium Trends and Issues in Mission
One of the following:

  • MI 712 Intercultural Internship
  • MI 720 Intercultural Ministry Coaching

Electives (9 credits)
9 credits in any of the following: Leadership (LE), Mission/Intercultural Studies (MI), Christian Counselling (CC), Education and Discipleship (ED), Preaching and Communication (PR), Pastoral Theology (PT), Spiritual Care (SPC)

Open Electives (6 credits)

General Requirements for Completion and Graduation:

  • Completion of a total of 60 credits (as outlined above)
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.7