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Student Academic Success


Accessibility Services

Ambrose University celebrates diversity and welcomes the contributions, experiences and full participation of students experiencing disabilities as valued members of our community.

Academic accommodation is provided to Ambrose students with disabilities in accordance with the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Provision of academic accommodation does not lower the academic standards of the university nor remove the need for evaluation and the need to meet essential learning outcomes.

Accessibility Services at Ambrose serves the university and students experiencing disabilities and requesting academic accommodation in creating an accessible learning environment that encourages full participation in academic courses.

Reasonable accommodations are tailored to the individual student, are flexible, and are determined by considering the barriers within the unique environment of a postsecondary institution. It can take time to organize academic accommodations and funding for disability-related services. Students with a disability who wish to have an academic accommodation are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services as early as possible to ensure appropriate planning for any needs that may include accommodations. Staff can then meet with students to determine areas to facilitate success, and if accommodations are required, ensure those accommodations are put in place by working with faculty.

Learning Services

Learning Services offers support in two primary areas:

  1. research and communication skills, including academic reading, writing, listening, and public speaking; and
  2. subject-specific skills, including numeracy skills and discipline-specific knowledge, especially in high-demand fields like business, chemistry, statistics, philosophy, and theology.

Throughout the academic year, students can meet with a research and communication tutor or a subject-specific tutor for personalized support, or they can attend a variety of workshops offered by Student Academic Success. All of these services are free to students currently enrolled at Ambrose University.

Career Services

Our Career Services team supports students in all fields – business, the arts, ministry, health sciences, education, and more! – as they pursue their calling for redemptive engagement in the world. Students can meet with a career counsellor for help with, among other things:

  • career planning,
  • job searches,
  • feedback on a resume or cover letter, and
  • networking strategies (informational interviews, social media, etc.).

We also host a job board and run frequent workshops throughout the year. Our services are free to current students and recent graduates (within six months of graduation).

Academic Accountability

Students can also meet with an academic coach for help with setting and meeting their academic goals. Our coaches help students identify their unique strengths and areas for improvement and choose strategies and resources that work for them. Academic coaches can also support students with time management and study skills.

We especially encourage students to meet with an academic coach near the beginning of the term, but we also invite students to meet with a coach throughout the semester to track their success. This type of support is open to all current students but may be especially helpful to student athletes, as they balance many demands on their time, and those struggling academically. 


Seminary 101

Seminary 101 courses are intended to help students entering Ambrose Seminary to learn essential skills in writing, critical thinking, information literacy, and research, which they need in order to succeed in graduate level courses. Seminary 101 achieves this by embedding skill-training and resourcing within core Seminary courses in consultation with Ambrose Library and Student Academic Success.

Student Information and Confidentiality

Information about Ambrose students that has come to the attention of Student Life and Student Academic Success professionals is confidential; however, limits to confidentiality include three exceptions: 1) if you or another person is at risk of serious harm, 2) if your information is subpoenaed in a court of law, 3) if disclosure to other persons is reasonably necessary to care for, support and provide interventions for a student.