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A Message from the President


Welcome to Ambrose Seminary – a small but vital theological school that has a superb faculty, a great location here in Calgary, a dynamic partnership with Ambrose University and a deep commitment to the life and mission of the church. Your experience at Ambrose will mean some animating conversations: with faculty, in the classroom and over coffee; with fellow students, some of whom may well become life-long friends; and with pastors and other church leaders who contribute to the Ambrose mission through our mentoring and internship program.

Our prayer, of course, is that God would meet you through your studies – some of you anticipate leadership within the church, either in Canada or globally in another country and culture, and some of you are studying theology for personal enrichment but also with a view to engage your vocations with theological and spiritual depth. But regardless of what brings you to Ambrose, it is my prayer that you would meet Christ in and through your studies and that this would be a transforming experience for you.

To this end, I cannot stress strongly enough the vital place of worship at Ambrose – whether it is the larger Tuesday and Thursday gatherings or the small events of worship. It is worship more than anything else that makes the academic experience a transformational journey of teaching and learning.

May God richly bless you as you study at Ambrose Seminary.



Dr. Gordon T. Smith, PhD
President, Ambrose University