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Preaching and Communication


PR 501 Between Two Worlds: Scripture for Preaching and Teaching (3) A

An exploration of the principles and practices for navigating between the text of scripture and the world we live in. Students will take away theological insights, practical tools, and fresh inspiration for faithfully reading scripture and communicating its meaning and content effectively in their own setting.

Prerequisite: OT 502 or NT 502
Note: This course cannot be used for the MDiv Program.


PR 510 Introduction to Preaching and Communication (3) A
PR 510-CL Introduction to Preaching and Communication (3)

An introduction to the principles and practices of preparing and delivering messages in public contexts. Students will be introduced to various kinds of addresses and assisted to find a “voice” with which they can speak in public contexts.


PR 545 Special Topics in Preaching (1) A

An entry-level course in preaching on a topic of current interest or specialized study. This course may be repeated for credit as topics change.


PR 610 Biblical Preaching (3-1.5T) B
PR 610-CL Biblical Preaching (3)

An introduction to Biblical preaching. Students will learn deductive and inductive methods of sermon-making, moving from biblical exegesis to delivery. Opportunities will be given to practice the principles and skills taught.

Prerequisite: PR 501 or PR 510 and NT 502 or OT 502


PR 620 Preaching the Old Testament (3) O
PR 620-CL Preaching the Old Testament (3)

This course will explore the ongoing relevance and application of Old Testament teachings for contemporary Christians. Topics include the continuity between the Old and New Testaments, ethical and moral implications for how Christians live practically in light of the authority of the Old Testament, and ways to accurately transmit and creatively proclaim the Old Testament in contemporary culture.

Prerequisite: NT 502 or OT 502 and PR 501 or PR 610


PR 622 Preaching New Testament Genres (3) O
PR 622-CL Preaching New Testament Genres (3)

This integrative course bridges the gap between exegesis of the New Testament and homiletics. Students develop skills in exegeting passages from the different genres of the New Testament (Gospels and Acts, Epistles, Revelation) and sculpting sermons that are true to the biblical writers’ argumentative designs, and persuasive and convincing to a contemporary audience.

Prerequisite: NT 502 or OT 502 and PR 501 or PR 610


PR 645 Special Topics in Preaching (3) O

A course in preaching or communication on a topic of current interest or specialized study. May be repeated for credit as topics change.


PR 702 Advanced Preaching (3) O

This course assumes the skills developed in PR 610. It presents additional approaches to preaching in contemporary, multicultural contexts. Narrative and topical preaching will be emphasized, along with techniques such as storytelling that bring the text to life. Students will examine audiovisual techniques in support of preaching.

Prerequisite: PR 610


PR 730 Preaching Clinic (3) B

This course provides opportunity for exploring special interest areas of homiletics, sermonizing, preaching and other types of oral communication. Students will design their own learning plans in consultation with their instructor.

Prerequisite: PR 610 or equivalent


PR 745 Preaching and Communication Seminar (3) O

An advanced seminar addressing a particular theme, group of themes, or critical issue in the field of preaching and/or communication. Participants will be expected to conduct research and present their findings to the class. Course may be repeated for credit as topics change.


PR 750 Preaching Independent Study (3) O

For the advanced student (at least one-half through their program), an opportunity to develop specialized preaching skills and/or to research, organize and write on a subject of special interest in preaching. Intended primarily for those students with highly individualized needs, the study emphasizes self-direction and initiative from the student.