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LE 503 Leadership and Leadership Formation (3) A
LE 503-CL Leadership and Leadership Formation (3)

An exploration, analysis, and application of the field of leadership and personal leadership skills in adaptive leadership placed around the core issue of character development.


LE 505 Management for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations (3) B

An introduction to management practices for non-profit organizations. Attention is given to skills for working with boards, managing staff and volunteers, building teams, understanding budgets, navigating conflicts, strategic thinking, working with multi-cultural groups.


LE 507 Digital Ministry and Mission (3) O

A theological and methodological exploration of online ministry with particular attention to creating an online ministry strategy. It will examine how the internet and social media is profoundly changing culture and explore how the Church can effectively engage this new medium for the advancement of God's kingdom and mission.


LE 545 Special Topics in Leadership (1) A

An entry-level course in leadership on a topic of current interest or specialized study. This course may be repeated for credit as topics change.


LE 628-CL Marketplace Ministry (3)

As most of the people who attend Sunday service have spent 50 percent or more of their waking hours at work during the previous week, this course is intended to help pastors reclaim the church’s role in supporting, training and commissioning the laity to be the salt and the light in their God-given calling at work. It will also help people view their daily work – no matter what field they work in – as their ministry and mission, and help them become powerful witnesses for our Lord Jesus in the secular workplace.

Note: Students can only earn credit for one of the following: LE 628-CL or ED 628-CL


LE 630 Leadership and Sense-Making (3) B

A study and application of the “lenses of the leader” so as to deepen insight into what is really going on in a leadership context.  Sacred text and secular text case studies will serve as the core teaching tools for this course, serving to motivate students to become much better “seers” and “sensors” in their context of leadership.


LE 631 Leadership and Literature (3) O

A learning journey focused on rising above the tone and temper of our times in order to study and reflect on great leadership tests of the past. The course interaction will center on a number of classic works exploring the topic that has occupied great minds since the beginning of recorded history – the topic of leaders and followers.


LE 632 Leadership and Navigating Change (3) O

An exploration, analysis, and application of the art and science of proposing, planning, implementing, surviving, and then sustaining change. This course will give students a firm grasp on the most prevalent models for personal and organizational change, and attempt to shape a humble yet determined posture towards leading transformation in concert with others.


LE 633 Leadership and Resilience (3) O

A study of the biblical call to endurance in life and service, complemented by an examination of contemporary research on resilience. A variety of case studies will be explored and analyzed prompting students to create a personal resilience strengthening strategy.


LE 634 Leadership and Servanthood (3) O

An exploration of leading with a servant mindset in a world of power, position, and politics. Students will study and wrestle with the application of servant leadership rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus, centered around a commitment to serve, inspire, challenge, and life others to greater experience and effectiveness in the world.


LE 635 Leadership in Times of Rolling Crisis (3) O

An exploration of how to face the dilemma of multiple crises and then applying the skills inherent in crisis readiness, crisis management, and crisis resiliency. Students will master the model of secure base leadership – a way of building influence by providing a sense of protection and caring while also providing a source of inspiration that produces energy, exploration and growth in times of great change.


LE 636 Leadership and Organizational Culture (3) O

An exploration and analysis of the power of culture in churches, organizations, and communities. Students will take on the challenge of how to best diagnose, navigate and shape culture in a leadership setting.


LE 637 Collaborative Leadership for Social Change (3) O

An examination of the elements of transformative collaborative leadership in order to equip students in the practice of community organizing, teaching them to reflect on their leadership capacity by engaging in a social change project. These skills are important because leadership that unites communities to take shared action is critical for social change and for developing strong communities.


LE 638 Leadership and Innovation (3) O

An exploration of the principles and practices of innovation and creativity in leadership and ministry. The goal is to shape a body of work that can be utilized for the training and encouragement of others, specifically relating to innovating effectively in a ministry context.

Prerequisite: LE 503


LE 645 Special Topics in Leadership (3) O
LE 645-CL Special Topics in Leadership (3)

An exploration and analysis of leadership with respect to a topic of current interest. The course may be repeated as topics change.