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Poverty Studies and Community Development


PV 501 Poverty in Western Society (3) B

This course will provide an overview of the origins and understanding of poverty in western society from both a theoretical and theological standpoint. This will include a review of the sources of vulnerability that contribute to poverty and the psycho-social impacts of poverty on vulnerable populations and the broader society. Strategic approaches to poverty reduction will be explored along with the respective roles of the church, state and civil society in preventing, alleviating and reducing poverty.

Note: This course is cross-leveled at the Undergraduate Level as BHS/DVST 350.


PV 502 Poverty and Human Rights: Theory, Theology and Practice (3) B

This course will provide a sound understanding of poverty from a human rights perspective. The course will focus on the role of international human rights law   in addressing the structural causes of poverty and how a human rights framework fits within a Judeo-Christian framework. A theological framework and critique of the human rights approach will be explored.