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Bachelor of Arts: English Major (4 year)


The four-year major in English deepens and broadens the scope of the three-year degree. Students who intend to enter graduate school or other forms of post-secondary education should pursue the four-year degree, and they should also consult the Department Chair early in their studies.

Bachelor of Arts: English Major
Program Requirements (4 year - 120 credits)

UNI 101 The Ambrose Experience (non-credit)

Christian Formation (9 credits)
REL 105 Introduction to the Bible
REL 161 Introduction to Christian Theology
3 credits in Religion (REL) at the senior level

English (3 credits)
EN 130 Introduction to English Literature

Fine or Performing Arts (3 credits)
(ART, DA, FA, MU, TH, EN 100, EN 200, EN 350)

History (3 credits)
HI 140 Themes in World History

Philosophy (3 credits)
PH 125 Introduction to Philosophy

Science (3 credits)
*Note: Not all KIN courses can be used as Science credits; check the course descriptions.

Science or Mathematics (3 credits)
(the above, plus MA)

Social Science (6 credits)

Humanities Requirements (18 credits)
HUM 101 Reading and Writing for University
HUM 201 Reading and Writing in the Christian Intellectual Tradition
3 credits in History (HI) at the 300-level
3 credits in Philosophy (PH) at the 300-level
3 credits in Religion (REL) at the 300-level
HUM 485 Humanities Capstone

English Requirements (42 credits)
EN 221 English Literature to 1800
EN 222 English Literature from 1800
EN 232 Reading Poetry
EN 295 Advanced Writing Skills
EN 300 Canadian Literature
EN 389 Early Literary Theory
EN 390 Modern Literary Theory
21 credits in English (EN), with the following minimum requirements:
          • 9 credits in literature before 1850
          • 9 credits in literature after 1850
          • 9 credits at the 300-level or higher
          • 6 credits at the 400-level

To meet senior level requirements in the program, 12 credits of electives must be taken at the senior level.
     Arts and Science or Open Electives (27 credits)

General Requirements for Completion and Graduation

  • Completion of The Ambrose Experience (UNI 101) (non-credit; this course is required for all programs, and must be completed within the first two semesters of enrolment. Students who do not complete UNI 101 may not be permitted to continue in their program.)
  • Completion of Core Requirements
  • Completion of a total of 120 credits (as outlined   above)
  • A minimum of 72 credits must be taken at the 200-level or higher
  • A maximum of 72 credits taken in any one discipline
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0, with a CGPA of at least 2.0 in EN courses