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Canadian Studies Minor


The Canadian Studies minor directs students to work in an interdisciplinary fashion to think holistically about Canadians and Canadian society. The Canadian Studies minor also guides students to think about Canada and its position relative to the world around it by studying Canada’s influence on the rest of the world as well as the ways in which Canada is influenced by the rest of the world. Opportunities for travel study in Canada also exist that would give students an experiential and grounded appreciation for, and understanding of, Canadian politics, history, literature, culture, and social life.

Canadian Studies (18 credits)
EN 300 Canadian Literature 
HI 200 Canada since Confederation
SO 440 Religion and Culture in Canada or SO 410 Religious Diversity in North America
3 credits in Political Science at the senior level
Two of the following:
     BHS 229 Indigenous Ways of Knowing I
     BHS 329 Indigenous Ways of Knowing II
     HI 313 Christianity in Canada
     HI 314 Western Canada
     HI 412 Canada During the World Wars
     SO 200 Sociology of Families
     SO 220 Social Problems
     SO 300 Sociology of Racialization and Ethnicity
     TH 363 Canadian Drama