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HUM 101 Reading and Writing for University (3) A

A themed introduction to critical reading and writing for university students. This course combines a systematic consideration of the elements of expository and argumentative writing, training in active reading strategies that facilitate that writing, and instruction in the fundamentals of English grammar and sentence structure.

HUM 201 Reading and Writing in the Christian Intellectual Tradition (3) A

An intermediate critical reading and writing course that introduces students to seminal texts and ideas from the Christian intellectual tradition. This course further considers the elements of active reading and academic writing introduced in HUM 101 while also instructing students in library and research skills, the research paper-writing process, and strategies to improve writing style and formal oral communication.

Prerequisite: HUM 101


HUM 485 Humanities Capstone Seminar (3) A

An integrative senior seminar course designed to give students the opportunity to reflect on, deepen, and consolidate the disciplinary knowledge gained in the course of their degree together with other students in Humanities programs (Christian Studies, English, History, and General Studies), in light of the university mission to be “a community of transformative Christian higher education with a vision for the welfare of our city and our world,” and “to prepare men and women for wise, joyful and redemptive engagement in the church, society, and the created order.”

Prerequisite: 75 credits completed for students in three-year degrees; 105 credits completed for students in four-year degrees