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Professional Studies


PST 161 Introduction to Mission (3) A

An exploration of key issues the church faces in its mission to the contemporary world. The basis for Christian witness is developed as a foundation for the exploration of God’s call to make disciples among all nations in our global society.


PST 201 Pastoral Counselling (3) B

An introductory study of basic counselling skills and their application to personal problem solving in the local church context.

Prerequisite: PS 121


PST 212 Pastoral Theology (3) A

An examination of pastoral practices such as baptism, child dedication, funerals, communion, weddings, prayers for the sick and public prayers. Students will consider these practices in light of their own theological convictions to develop a philosophy of ministry.

Prerequisite: REL 161

Note: Students can only earn credit for one of the following: PST 212 or PST 302


PST 222 Practice of Planning and Leading Worship (3) A

This 3 credit course, over two semesters, is a supervised practical student leadership experience. The class is comprised of corporate worship leading, classroom learning and discussion, and written reflection. Only students who have been appointed to formal student worship leadership roles are eligible to participate, including: the Chapel Worship Coordinator; Word and Table Worship Leader; Chapel Worship Group Leaders; and Associate CWG Leaders. This general goal of this class is to combine theological and practical instruction with concurrent worship leading practice. That is, readings, written assignments, seminars, lectures, classroom and online discussion, and retreats, will help students understand and integrate theory with practical leading experiences.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor


PST 261 Missional Encounters (3) O

Principles for communicating the Christian gospel cross-culturally. Particular religion and geographical area will depend on the instructor.

Prerequisite: PST 161


PST 262 Kairos (3) A

Course Description: Kairos is an interactive module course provided by The Alliance Canada that focuses on the biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural dimensions of God’s mission. Normally offered as a Directed Study, which adds readings and assignments so that this teaching module can be taken for undergraduate credit. 


PST 299 Special Topics in Professional Studies (3) O

Special studies in Professional Studies, as announced.

Prerequisite: Permission of the department


PST 301 Homiletics (3-1.5L) A

Principles of constructing and delivering biblical sermons. Students will preach in class for evaluation by instructor and peers.

Prerequisite: REL 315


PST 304 Advanced Homiletics (3) O

Principles of constructing and delivering sermons in styles other than expository.

Prerequisite: PST 301


PST 307 Evangelism and Discipleship in the Church (3) B

Biblical and historical models for making disciples in changing cultural contexts. Principles of personal spiritual formation are applied using strength-based mentoring.

Prerequisite: PST 212


PST 317 The Church and Contemporary Spiritualities (3) O

This is a course designed to acquaint the learner with a number of influential alternative spiritualities within Canadian culture and to challenge the student to consider carefully the role of the Church particularly in the light of these approaches to spirituality. Beginning with a brief history of Christian spirituality, the course will then consider some major features of contemporary spirituality with special attention given to the nature and function of ritual, myth/narrative (sacred texts), symbolism and sacred space. Finally, the course will move the student towards an understanding of some of the ways in which the Church can or needs to respond to the spiritual quests within contemporary society.

Prerequisite: REL 261 or PST 212


PST 319 Volunteer Ministry (3) B

A theological rationale for ministry by nonprofessionals in the context of contemporary volunteer practices. Students are equipped to identify, recruit, train, motivate, and support volunteers for effectiveness in church and non-profit organizations.

Note: This course is cross-leveled at the graduate level as ED 626.


PST 320 Leadership and Leadership Development (3) B

Basic principles for church leadership including leadership styles, board relations, conflict management, budgeting, and strategies for effective teams.

Prerequisite: PST 212

Note: Students can only earn credit for one of the following: PST 320 or PST 220.


PST 321 Teaching Children for Faith Formation (3) B 

Students will develop skills in teaching children. This course includes attention to goals, methods, classroom management, audio-visual media and use of curriculum for the church’s ministry to children and families. Strategies for training and empowering volunteer teams to teach children will also be addressed.

Note: This course is cross-leveled as ED 621.


PST 322 Leadership Essentials for Children and Family Ministry (3) B

Practical leadership strategies for leading and implementing ministries to children and families in a church context.

Prerequisite: PST 212, PST 319 and PST 321

Note: This course is cross-leveled as ED 622.


PST 323 Family Ministry Essentials (3) B

An exploration of the family ministry movement and strategies for church initiatives to strengthen marriage, nurture children’s faith and keep teenagers in the church.

Note: This course is cross-leveled as ED 623.


PST 341 Strategies of Youth Ministry (3) B

A comprehensive study of the principles and practices of youth ministry within the context of the history of such work. Students focus on the skills for developing and implementing effective and sustainable ministry.

Prerequisite: PST 212

Note: This course is cross-leveled as ED 641.


PST 342 Contemporary Youth Issues (3) B

Foundational skills to understand and assess the constantly changing issues of youth culture. Using various resources, students will gain an understanding of issues facing youth in order to build skills to reflect critically and create effective ministry methods and practices.

Prerequisite: PST 212

Note: This course is cross-leveled as ED 643.


PST 366 Establishing Communities of Faith in a Multicultural World (3) O

Establishing Communities of Faith in Multi-Cultural World is designed to introduce the learner to the exciting ministry of initiating vibrant communities of faith (the church) in context. Participants will discover culturally relevant ways of applying trans-cultural biblical principles associated with evangelism and the growth of dynamic communities of faith. A theological framework for establishing these communities in their local context is accompanied by relevant methodological and strategic research that informs the way in which these communities are developed in our multi-cultural world.

Prerequisite: PST 161


PST 382 Worship Leadership Strategies (3) A

Foundational principles and practical skills for designing and implementing worship services. An opportunity to plan and direct chapel services is provided.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor


PST 398 Effective Online Ministry (3) O

A theological and methodological exploration of online ministry with particular attention to creating an online ministry strategy.  It will examine how the internet and social media is profoundly changing culture and explore how the Church can effectively engage this new medium for the advancement of God's kingdom and mission.

Prerequisite: PST 212 or 6 credits in Professional Studies.


PST 399 Special Topics in Professional Studies (3) O

Special studies in Professional Studies, as announced.

Prerequisite: Permission of the department


PST 405 Special Topics in Professional Studies (3) O

Special studies in Professional Studies, as announced.

Prerequisite: Permission of the department

PST 490 Independent Study (3) O

Individual research project to investigate a problem or topic not treated extensively in a regular course.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Dean and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0