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Student Life


Student Life cultivates a Christ-centred, hospitable learning environment that promotes a flourishing community, faith formation and holistic well-being. To that end we offer a number of co-curricular programs, activities and services.


Spiritual Development

We intentionally seek to help students develop their Christian faith through:

  • Chapel Worship Services
  • One-on-one time with the Campus Chaplain 
  • Deeper Life and Faith, Life & Learning Days
  • Prayer Retreats
  • Campus mid-day prayers
  • Discipleship Community Groups
  • Regular learning events (lectures, discussion nights, etc.)
  • Residence Worship Nights


The Ambrose Residence program is an integral part of the Ambrose experience. We offer a living environment that seeks to facilitate physical, emotional, relational and spiritual growth. The connections formed among students in residence significantly contribute to a sense of belonging at Ambrose and offers the opportunity to build life-long friendships. Our live-in Residence Director and Residence Assistants provide support as you make the transition from home to independent living. Building Community is among our highest priorities.

Our two Ambrose Residence buildings have the capacity to house students in single and double occupancy rooms (limited availability), and it’s all steps away from our academic building. Rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chair and closet space for each student. Each room is connected to another by a bathroom which is shared with the adjoining room. Each floor contains a spacious lounge space equipped with couches, two refrigerators, a kitchen sink, cabinets and a microwave.

The residences were built with safety and security in mind and have programmable proximity card access systems, security cameras in the public areas and glassed stairwells with 24-hour lighting. The residence basement offers recreational space, laundry facilities, student storage, a media room and a kitchen that can be accessed for special occasions. Students who choose to live in Residence should be familiar with the Residence Life Community Standards. 

There are no family units on Ambrose’s campus. Rental and housing information can be accessed on the International Student Services website.  


Commuter Life

The Commuter Life program is committed to establishing an atmosphere of community, belonging and mutual learning among commuter students. Much of this community building happens in the Commuter Collegium, a campus living room set aside for study, prayer, relaxation, reflection and connection with other Ambrose students.

The Collegium is staffed by Commuter Life leaders who help build connections between commuters, and contribute to learning by providing opportunities, to interact with faculty, grow spiritually, connect to community, and develop academically. 

Athletics and Campus Recreation

Ambrose University varsity teams compete in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) as the Ambrose Lions. Competing in the Lion’s Den, we are proud of the black, white and gold. The Ambrose Lions compete in Volleyball, Basketball, Outdoor Soccer, and Futsal. We also have a club hockey team that competes in the Calgary Adult Hockey League. Team members are committed to excellence in character, sport and academics, and they strive to be examples in the league and in the community.

The Fitness Centre and squash courts are available to all students and intramural programming takes place throughout the year. You are encouraged to cheer on the Lions in their home gym, affectionately known as The Lions’ Den, which has capacity for 400 spectators.

International Students

It is our desire to make our international students’ transition to Calgary a positive experience and to support students as they navigate university life. The international Student Advisor is here to support students in this journey. Students will receive Information about entering and transitioning into Canada as well as supports and community once they arrive


Health and Dental Insurance

Alberta has a publicly administered health care system that guarantees Albertans receive universal access to medically necessary hospital and medical services. Alberta Health Care Insurance is free to all students with a study permit. Students are encouraged to apply for this as soon as possible upon entry into Canada. Supplemental Health and Dental insurance is available for all full-time students and all part-time seminary students.


Wellness Services and Counselling

Confidential personal counselling is available to you through the Student Life department. Counselling is free for the first five appointments and a nominal fee is applied for further sessions.  For more information or to book an appointment, please visit our counselling page:

Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to learn about health and wellness through the Ambrose Wellness Services.



Ambrose University provides an environment that supports the fair treatment of all members of the campus community. All members of the community are entitled to a learning and working environment that is pleasant, professional, spiritually uplifting and free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment.


Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Response and Awareness

Ambrose takes gender-based and sexual violence seriously. Students who have experienced violence will find support. There are also avenues to file a formal report. You will find our Gender-Based and Sexual Violence policy and procedures on our website:


Student Government

Ambrose Student Council members are elected and appointed to serve the holistic needs of the undergraduate student body as part of the Student Life division and, in collaboration with Ambrose University, to represent your interests to the Ambrose administration. Ambrose Student Council facilitates student clubs and the health and dental plan on behalf of the whole student body.