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The Internship Program


Philosophy of Internship

Internship is an integral part of preparation for ministry. It provides the intern with an extended, in-depth practice of ministry for the purpose of integrating classroom study with field experience. In addition, Internship provides our interns with a working relationship with another person in ministry rather than just a place to carry out practical Christian service. The intern is exposed to all forms and facets of the ministry but the primary focus in this experience is on the intern as a disciple in development and on the pastor- mentor as a teacher-leader.

Objectives of Internship

By the conclusion of the Internship, students should be able to:

  • explore and evaluate their personal identity as a ministering part of the Body of Christ;
  • discover the areas of their greatest personal effectiveness within the ministry of the church;
  • evaluate lifestyle issues and ways of relating to others as they affect personal growth and ministry;
  • assess the attitudes and values they hold relating to people, ministry, culture, and life in general;
  • measure their ability to relate to their fellow workers and to the programs of the church or para-church organization;
  • analyze a ministry situation and set realistic goals and strategies to meet the needs discovered in the analysis;
  • evaluate ministry involvement in terms of personal growth, progress toward goals, effectiveness of methods, strengths and weakness, etc.;
  • integrate more fully their theological and doctrinal points of view with practical experience.

An Internship or Ministry Coaching approved by the Field Education department is required for Ministry programs. The Coordinator of Field Education assists in locating and approves appropriate Internships.

The following prerequisites must be successfully completed by the end of Winter semester before an Internship can be considered:

  • Attending the Annual Ministry Internship Seminar in late April
  • Receiving approval of the Field Education Department for the Ministry Internship placement
  • Maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0
  • Completion of at least 75 credits

The minimum amount of time for an Internship is five months on a full-time basis in a ministry context, usually in a church setting. Part-time Internships are permitted with the approval of the Coordinator of Field Education. To prepare for Internship, students must apply to the Internship program during September prior to starting an Internship. Bachelor of Theology students must begin to prepare for Internship in their third year of full time studies. All students must attend a pre-internship orientation meeting. Students may need to produce the results of a Criminal Record Check before being permitted to participate in Internship.


FE 300a/b Ministry Internship
     FE 201.1 Practicum and Reflection II
     PST 212 Pastoral Theology
     REL 315 Hermeneutics

FE 360a/b Intercultural Ministries Internship or FE 365a/b Cross-Cultural Experience
     FE 201.1 Practicum and Reflection II
     ICS 202 Cultural Anthropology 
     ICS 205 Intercultural Competence
     PST 161 Introduction to Mission
     PST 212 Pastoral Theology

All potential ministry interns are given an assessment packet to assess readiness for Internship at the pre- internship orientation meeting. An interview with the Coordinator of Field Education is required in October to discuss and review the assessment packet. The appointment of an Internship field site will be approved usually in February. This is followed by a compulsory 3-day Internship Seminar in late April/early May for all ministry interns and mentors. There is an additional fee associated with the Internship Seminar, please refer to the Financial Information section. The purpose of the Internship Seminar is to prepare the intern and mentor for an effective internship.

The goals of the Internship Seminar are:

  • to build healthy relationships with the mentor, intern and Ambrose;
  • to help the intern and mentor understand the importance of soul nurture;
  • to address ministry practice and theological reflection issues.

In order to make the most of the Internship experience, student interns meet weekly with their mentor for evaluation and feedback sessions. To ensure that the student is actively involved in ministry, an Internship contract, which specifies types and frequency of an intern’s ministry involvement, is signed by both the intern and supervising mentor before Internship begins. Moreover, field advisors will visit the internship site to give formative assessments.

The intern receives a monthly allowance, room and board, and a travel allowance while ministering. Churches from various denominations participate in the Ambrose University Internship program. Ambrose reserves the right to place students in participating churches.


Ministry with The Alliance Canada

Students who desire to minister with The Alliance Canada must complete the licensing process, which is facilitated by the Field Education Department during the final year of study of a degree program. Once the application for licensing is completed, a personal interview with a licensing committee is arranged. During this interview a candidate is examined for biblical knowledge, doctrinal stance, personal lifestyle, philosophy of ministry, etc. The candidate is notified of the result of the licensing process shortly after the interview. Whether becoming licensed to minister in North America or internationally, licensing candidates are expected to be or become members of a church of The Alliance Canada. There is a fee associated with the licensing process.

Generally, degree programs at Ambrose University meet the educational requirements for licensing with The Alliance Canada. Other courses may be required for those going into overseas ministry with The Alliance Canada.

For further information regarding the accreditation process or serving with The Alliance Canada in a ministry in Canada or overseas, visit or contact:

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada
The Alliance Canada
2580 Matheson Blvd E, Suite 101
Mississauga, ON L4W 4J1
Phone: 416.674.7878
Fax: 416.674.0808