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Music Minor

The Music minor offers students the opportunity to complement their major or concentration with the study of Music. The minor is useful for students considering careers in education, church music and other vocational programs which have some connection to music. Requires permission of the department. Please note: Admission to the Music Minor will require a minimum Royal Conservatory of Music Level 8 Theory (formerly called ‘Advanced Rudiments’) and an entrance audition.

Music (18 credits)
MU 125a/b Aural Skills I
MU 136 Music Theory I
3 credits of Applied Music
3 credits of Music Ensemble or equivalent and Grade 5 Royal Conservatory equivalency in one instrument
3 credits in Music at the senior level
One of the following:
     MU 201 Musics of the Western World
     MU 203 History of Music I
     MU 207 History of Music II