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BOT 203 The Biology of Plants (3–3L) B

This course focuses on the plant-person interface, examining how plants have, are and will shape our lives and society. Through this lens students will explore plant biology (anatomy, morphology and physiology) and discover how plants fulfill their many roles in health, commercial products and the natural and urban environments.

Prerequisite: BIO 133

Note: Credit in both BOT 204 and BOT 203 is not allowed.


BOT 204 Plants and People (3) O

An introduction to plant sciences for non-science majors, with a focus on the relationship between plants and people. The course will examine the role of plants in current society and the influence of plants on the success, demise, and development of past societies. Topics to be covered will include introductory plant biology and the role of plants in food and agriculture, stimulation, medicine, hallucinogens, poisons, and decoration. This course will include a field trip component.

Note: Credit in both BOT 204 and BOT 203 is not allowed. This course can fulfill a science requirement for non-science majors but cannot be used as science credit for science majors or minors. This course can only be used as an Open elective for science majors.