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Liberal Arts Minor


The Liberal Arts minor seeks to provide the student with the greatest amount of flexibility and variation in course selection. The celebrated virtue of a Liberal Arts education is the contribution it makes to an open and receptive mind. The Liberal Arts Minor is an excellent academic complement for students seeking breadth and variety in their intellectual experience and development. Students in an Arts or Science program cannot earn a Liberal Arts minor; this minor is for School of Ministry students only.

Liberal Arts (18 credits)
Only School of Ministry Students may choose this Minor

6 credits from the Humanities (EN, HI, LANG, PH)
6 credits from the Social Sciences (BHS, ECO, ICS 202, ICS 205, INDG, POLI, PS, SO)
6 credits in Science, Development Studies (DVST) or Fine Arts (ART, DA, FA, MU, TH)

*Note: Not all KIN courses can be used as Science credits; check the course descriptions.