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Non-profit Management Minor

This track equips students for the process of managing non-profit organizations and their ever-changing external environments, in areas such as strategic leadership and governance, marketing and communication, fundraising and financial management, as well as human resource and volunteer management. Courses in innovative & entrepreneurial thinking, and leading in diverse, multi-cultural organizations help prepare students to lead more effectively to achieve an organization’s mission.

Non-profit Management (18 credits)

  • BUS 290/DVST 290/IND 290 Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • BUS 305/DVST 305 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
  • BUS 342/DVST 342 Leadership in the Global Context
  • BUS 383/DVST 383 Marketing Communications and Societal Marketing

Two of the following:

  •      Any ACC, BUS, OR ECO courses (not for students in the BA (Business) or BBA programs)
    • BA (Business) and BBA: Choose from any Community Development Minor courses)
  •      BHS 450 Intersections Between Poverty and Government Policy
  •      DVST 210 Introduction to Community Development
  •      DVST 301 Intermediate Domestic Community Development
  •      DVST 302 Intermediate International Community Development
  •      DVST 304/BUS 304 or DVST 404/ BUS 404 Travel Study
  •      DVST 306/PS 306 Working with Vulnerable Persons
  •      DVST 350/BHS 350 Poverty in Western Society
  •      DVST 402/SO 402 Human Trafficking
  •      ICS 202 Cultural Anthropology
  •      ICS 205 Intercultural Competence
  •      ICS 303 Global Forms of Violence Against Women
  •      ICS 308 Applied Intercultural Competence
  •      PS 307 Psychological Impacts of Poverty
  •      SO 220 Social Problems
  •      SO 403 Global Criminology