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Financial Information

The following tuition and fee rates and financial policies are valid between May 1, 2023 and April 30, 2024. The fees as stated are correct at the time of publication. Ambrose reserves the right to change tuition and fees without notice.

General Information and Policies

Tuition Deposit
In order to register for classes at Ambrose, you must make a $250 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied towards tuition fees for the current academic year. The deposit must be paid in the first semester in which you are registered, either in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter semester.

Due Date
Tuition and fees (including residence and meal plan fees) are charged by semester and are due on the following dates:

  • Fall Semester: August 31, 2023
  • Winter/Spring Semesters: First Day of Classes

If you are unable to meet the semester deadline, you must contact the Finance Office to set up a deferred payment plan. Failure to do so will jeopardize your registration status in all current and future classes you have selected.

Statement of Account
Student account statements are available online via the student registration system. A detailed breakdown of charges and payments can be seen by clicking on the “billing” menu item once you have logged in to the registration system. Access the registration system at It is your responsibility to ensure your account is up-to-date.

Outstanding Student Account Balances

Previous Outstanding Balances (prior semesters)
Outstanding student account balances from prior semesters must be settled in full prior to the start of the next semester. If you have an outstanding account balance at the end of the Registration Revision period, you will be deregistered from all courses, a financial hold will be placed on your account until the balance has been paid and you will not be issued any documents including degree parchments, grade reports, transcripts, income tax forms, etc. Students that have applied to graduate will also be removed from the graduation list and must reapply once the balance is cleared.

Current Outstanding Balances (current semester)
Students with outstanding balances and no financial arrangements made:

  • Will not be allowed to register in future semesters
  • Current enrolment will be removed and financial charges will stand unless dropped before the "Add/Drop deadline"
  • Will not be permitted to sit any final exams or receive a final grade for the courses they are registered in
  • Those involved in student leadership will be required to step down
  • Members of the Ambrose Lions Athletics teams will not be permitted to participate

Methods of Payment

For detailed information on how to pay fees, visit How to Make a Payment.

Student Finance and Financial Aid
We understand that finances are a vital aspect of university life and are committed to helping you achieve your educational goals through a Financial Aid program. Our Financial Aid and Awards Coordinator assists with scholarship applications, emergency relief, student employment and budget outlines. Visit Financial Aid.


Late Charges and Deferred Payments

Late Fee
An outstanding balance on the student account is considered late at the end of the first month of each semester. Late accounts will be charged a one-time late fee of $125.

Deferred Payment Options
For detailed information on how to defer payments, visit How to Make a Payment.



Prior to Add/Drop Date
A full refund less the non-refundable registration deposit is available to students who reduce or change their course load by the last day to add/drop.

Withdrawal from course(s) after the Add/Drop Date
No refunds will be available to students who withdraw from a single course or courses after the last day to add/drop.

Withdrawal from Ambrose University
Students who withdraw from Ambrose University completely will receive a refund based on the following schedule:

Tuition Refund Residence Refund For total withdrawal from Ambrose before
100% 80%

By the last day to add/drop. See the Academic Schedule.

80% 80%

The end of the 1st week following the last day to add/drop

70% 70%

The end of the 2nd week following the last day to add/drop

60% 60%

The end of the 3rd week following the last day to add/drop

50% 50%

The end of the 4th week following the last day to add/drop

No refunds are available after last stated date above. Other semester fees are not refundable. Scholarships and other financial awards will be withdrawn.

Please note that the withdrawal date will be the date on which the withdrawal form is signed by the Registrar. 

Extenuating Circumstances

Students who withdraw from course(s) after listed deadlines due to unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances including medical emergencies, compassionate grounds or unforeseen conditions and situations may appeal for an exception to the aforementioned policies. Supporting documentation from a physician or Registered Health Professional must accompany the appeal. The VP of Finance of Ambrose University will review on a case-by-case basis.

Financial reimbursement will only be considered for appeals received during the same semester of the extenuating circumstance.


Income Taxes T2202

T2202s are issued based on eligible tuition and fees paid for each calendar year. Slips will be mailed to addresses on file. Please ensure your mailing address is accurate. Slips can be emailed by request. Please send all requests to

Your social insurance number is needed to complete the slip. If you have not yet done so, please contact the Finance Office to submit this information:

To request missing T2202 forms from a previous calendar year visit: to request another copy.


Special Discounts

Audit Volume Discount
Students who are registered in 15 or more credit hours in one semester can audit a class during the same semester and have the audit tuition fee waived.

Alumni Discount
Alumni receive a 50% tuition discount on audited courses (subject to availability, some restrictions apply). All other related fees apply.

Seniors’ Discount
Senior Citizens (age 65+) receive a 50% tuition discount on audited courses (subject to availability, some restrictions apply). All other related fees apply.

Spousal Discount
When both husband and wife attend Ambrose University as full-time students, one spouse will receive a discount equal to the tuition cost of one full course (3 credit hours) during the same semester. All other related fees apply. Students must be married prior to the beginning of the semester. Students must provide a copy of their marriage certificate. The Spousal Discount Application form is available at: financial Tools & Resources. The due date for applications is the the add/drop date. Late application forms will not be processed.