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Registration is the process of selecting and enrolling in classes for upcoming semesters. You must make a $250 non-refundable deposit before registration. This deposit will be applied toward tuition fees for the current academic year. The deposit must be paid in the first semester in which you are registered, either in the Fall or Winter semester. You become registered in a class only after the non-refundable deposit is received and your registration is submitted through the Student Portal. Only students who are registered will be permitted to attend class and receive a grade for the course. All registration for courses must be submitted through the Student Portal. If the class is full, you will be notified through the Student Portal that you are on the waitlist for that class. If a spot becomes available in the class, you will be notified through the Student Portal and you will have the option of accepting the registration at that time.

Course Selection

You are responsible for ensuring that the courses you take are appropriate for your program, that they do not have any scheduling conflicts, that they have the necessary prerequisites and that they meet all degree requirements. Information about course prerequisites may be found in the Course Descriptions. Not all courses are offered every year, so select your courses carefully. Check the course description to see how often a course is offered.

You will be assigned a faculty academic advisor who will assist you in understanding academic requirements and course selection. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your advisor early and often in your academic career. Additional assistance may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

A Degree Audit is available to you through the Student Portal, which outlines your requirements and is updated automatically as your progress in your program.

Course Substitution

A Course Substitution request determines whether an Ambrose University course that is not included in the list of required courses of a program can be used to fulfill a specific course requirement. A course substitution does not replace prerequisite requirements needed to enrol in courses. To request approval for a Course Substitution, submit a Course Substitution request form to the Office of the Registrar.

Directed Study

A Directed Study is a privilege whereby you may attempt a course which is either not currently offered, or is offered but for which you cannot register due to unavoidable circumstances. An application for a Directed Study must be approved by the appropriate Academic Dean and the Registrar.

Directed Studies will be considered under the following conditions:

  • your cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher;
  • the course is a required course in your degree program (elective courses are not normally eligible for Directed Study); and
  • the course has been unavailable to you due to unavoidable circumstances.*

*By this it is meant that

(a) the course has not been offered;
(b) you have not had the necessary course prerequisites; or
(c) you have or have had an unavoidable scheduling conflict between the required course and another course necessary for the degree program.

Scheduling convenience and work or personal conflicts do not constitute adequate grounds for a Directed Study application.

The Directed Study course will not be officially registered until all necessary approvals, signatures and a course syllabus have been obtained.

Where an undergraduate student wishes to take a seminary course that is not formally cross-leveled, the student will apply to the Registrar for a Directed Study course. Such courses require approval of the instructor and the Dean. The student will be required to meet the workload requirements of the seminary syllabus. The course will be listed on the student’s transcript as an undergraduate course.  Directed Studies are only open to Ambrose students who are enrolled in a degree program

Independent Study

An Independent Study is an individual research project which investigates an area or topic not treated extensively in a regular course. It is to be designed in consultation with the instructor who supervises the Independent Study. This option is limited to third or fourth year degree students whose cumulative GPA in their major field is 3.0 or higher.

To undertake an Independent Study, you must submit a completed application form to the Office of the Registrar by April 1 for Spring semester, May 1 for Fall semester and by December 1 for Winter semester. The course will not be officially registered until all necessary approvals, signatures and the course syllabus have been obtained.

Independent Studies are only open to Ambrose students who are enrolled in a degree program.

Auditing a Class

You may audit individual classes with the approval from the Office of the Registrar, in consultation with the course instructor. You must attend class but will not be required to complete assignments. No credit is granted for such courses. Your assignments and exams will not be graded, although reading may be required. If you do not attend an audited class regularly, an audit-fail (AUF) final grade will be assigned. Audit courses will be noted as such on your transcript. If you take 15 or more credit hours in any semester you may audit one class free of charge in that semester, subject to the approval noted above. To audit a class, submit a Request to Audit form to the Office of the Registrar.

Course Overloads

The Registrar may grant approval of loads in excess of 16.5 credit hours per semester to students who have demonstrated superior ability. Your cumulative GPA will be a factor in determining permission to exceed this limit. To request approval for an overload, submit a Request for Course Overload form to the Office of the Registrar.

Registration Period

Once you are admitted to an Ambrose program you may register for courses through the Student Portal after the official Course Offerings schedule is published for the semester. If you want to register for a course without being admitted to a program, submit a Registration Form for Individual Courses to the Office of the Registrar.

Changes to the course schedule, including cancellation of classes, may be made without prior notice. If a change is made, your timetable will be amended accordingly and you will be notified by email.

Add/Drop Deadline

Before the add/drop deadline you may add, drop or change a course from credit to audit through the Student Portal with no academic or financial penalty. You are responsible for any change of registration made necessary by final grades at the end of a semester. Please consult the Academic Schedule for specific dates for regular semester courses. For courses that do not follow the regular semester format, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

After the Add/Drop Deadline

You may withdraw from courses with financial penalty (no refund of tuition). If you withdraw from a course, a grade of ‘W’ will be recorded on your transcript. Withdrawal from a course must be requested by the final date to withdraw, which is noted in the Academic Schedule. No tuition refunds are granted for any course changes. You may not add courses to your current term schedule. You may not change from credit to audit.

Repeating Courses

You may repeat a course only once, unless special permission is granted by the Registrar for a third attempt. When a course is repeated, it will be entered a second time, along with the new grade, on your transcript. This new grade will be used to calculate your cumulative GPA and the original attempt will appear with the final grade ‘FR’ (failed, repeated) or ‘R’ (passed, repeated), as appropriate. Should permission for a third attempt of the same course be granted the earned grade on the second and third attempts will show on the transcript and be used in the calculation of the grade point average (GPA).

Withdrawal from Courses

If you intend to withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop deadline, you must apply through the Office of the Registrar by submitting a Withdrawal from Course form.

A grade of ‘W’ will be recorded on your transcript for any withdrawal from courses, regardless of cause, that you make after the Add/Drop deadline and before the Withdrawal Deadline (also noted in the Academic Schedule). ‘W’ grades are not included in grade point average calculations.

If you are obliged to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline because of health or other reasons beyond your control, you may apply to the Registrar for special consideration. For modular courses, the withdrawal deadline is before 1 pm on the first day of class.

Withdrawal from Ambrose

To withdraw from Ambrose University, you should ensure you are not registered in classes and notify the Office of the Registrar. The Finance Office is able to make monetary adjustments to your account only if you are eligible for a refund and only after receiving notification. See Financial Information for further details.

Failure to Withdraw

You are liable for tuition and fees for all courses in which you are registered. If you register and decide not to attend, but do not cancel your registration before the Add/Drop deadline, you will be charged tuition and compulsory fees according to the Ambrose University fee assessment schedule listed under Financial Information. If you intend to withdraw from a course, but fail to do so by the applicable date, you will receive the grade you earn in the class, in accordance with the course syllabus.