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Minors exist to provide students with the opportunity to study a second discipline as a complement to their degree. Minors are especially useful for students considering careers in education, communications, business, the social sciences, the sciences, history, general studies, Christian ministry, or for students who are considering future graduate programs. Students are not permitted to complete a minor in the same discipline as their major.

Minors do not feature on student degree parchments, but are recorded on student transcripts. To earn a minor in any discipline, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all minor courses will be required. Students must meet all prerequisites of the courses required for the minor. Transfer credit is permitted without limitation.

To gain admission to a minor in any discipline, students must apply using the application form available through the Office of the Registrar. A minor cannot be earned by students in a diploma or certificate program. Multiple minors are allowed provided that the requirements of each minor are fulfilled. Courses at the 400-level cannot apply to a minor for students enrolled in a ministry program.