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Field Education


The intent of the Field Education courses (FE) is to produce reflective practitioners who are able to integrate the art of theological reflection with professional ministry practice. While there is active ministry engagement in a practicum site, the purpose is to learn to reflect on experience, making theological and biblical connections in class and then going back into the practicum site to improve ministry practice.  Please note: FE courses may not be taken for audit. FE credits can only fulfill degree requirements in Faculty of Theology undergraduate programs.


FE 200 Practicum and Reflection I (1.5) A

Practice in theological reflection: The use of classroom knowledge and skills to assess ministry and other life experiences. Students will assess calling and vocation, and consider the relation of spiritual life and the professional practice of ministry.


FE 201 Practicum and Reflection II (1.5) A

This course is a continuation of FE 200. Prerequisite: FE 200


FE 300a/b, FE 360a/b, FE 365a/b Internship (6) A

Internship is an integral part of preparation for ministry. It provides the intern with an extended, in-depth practice of ministry for the purpose of integrating classroom study with field experience. In addition, Internship provides interns with a working relationship with another person in ministry. The intern is exposed to all forms and facets of the ministry but the primary focus in an internship experience is on the intern as a disciple in development and on the pastor-mentor as a teacher-leader. Students must have completed 75 credits to be eligible for Internship. Care must be taken to register for the correct internship for one’s degree program. Prerequisites for Internship are listed below. For more detailed information about Internship please see The Internship Program.

     FE 300a/b Ministry Internship (6) A
     Prerequisite: FE 201, PST 212, REL 315
     Note: PASS/FAIL – not included in GPA.

     FE 360a/b Intercultural Ministries Internship or FE 365a/b Cross-Cultural Experience
     Prerequisite: FE 201, ICS 202, ICS 205, PST 161, PST 212
     Note: PASS/FAIL – not included in GPA.


FE 390 Ministry Coaching (6) A

This course, which is an alternative to Internship, is designed for those who already have extensive ministry experience as determined by the Coordinator  of Field Education. The intent of this course is for a student to seek and build an intentional relationship with a ministry mentor for the purposes of personal and theological reflection on the practice of ministry and mutual accountability. The student will engage in evaluation with the mentor. For more detailed information about Internship please see The Internship Program.

Prerequisite: Approval of the Coordinator of Field Education

Note: PASS/FAIL – not included in GPA.


FE 400 Transition to Vocational Ministry (3) A

Clarification and integration of a personal philosophy of ministry upon completion of internship, including consideration of calling, giftedness, personal health, social trends and current practices in the contemporary church.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Internship appropriate to a student’s program