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Kinesiology Minor

The Kinesiology minor offers students the opportunity to complement their area of study with exposure to the art and science of human movement.  This minor is useful for students considering careers in education, community development or planning, a health and wellness-related field, or further professional training in a healthcare field.

Kinesiology (18 credits)
KIN 201 Introduction to Kinesiology
BIO 269 Nutrition*
One of the following:
     KIN 241 Introduction to Coaching
     KIN 334 Sports Psychology*
     PH 211 Philosophy of Sport*
     PS 336 Health Psychology*
     SO 205 Sociology of Sport*
     SO 207 Sociology of Health*
6 credits of the following:
     DA 103 Dance Fundamentals
     DA 203 Ballet Technique I* (1.5 credits)
     DA 204 Ballet Technique II* (1.5 credits)
     DA 213 Modern Technique I* (1.5 credits)
     DA 214 Modern Technique II* (1.5 credits)
     DA 303 Selected Styles*
     KIN 121 Physical Activity Skills – Basketball Fundamentals (1.5 credits)
     KIN 122 Physical Activity Skills – Volleyball Fundamentals (1.5 credits)
     KIN 123 Physical Activity Skills – Futsal Fundamentals (1.5 credits)
     KIN 124 Physical Activity Skills – Group Fitness (1.5 credits)
     TH 203 Movement I
     TH 204 Movement II*
     TH 314 Stage Combat I* (2 credits)
     TH 315 Stage Combat II* (2 credits)
One of the following:
     KIN 255 Growth and Development*
     KIN 323 Integrative Physiology*
     KIN 335 Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation*
     KIN 367 Exercise Physiology*
     KIN 385 Biomechanics*
     MED 275 Health and Wellness*
     ZOO 265 Human Anatomy*

*Note: This course has pre-requisites which are not included in the minor