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Music Program


Music at Ambrose consists of three distinct degree credentials that enable young musicians to deepen their creativity, explore their passion, and develop the skills to succeed in a wide range of culture-shaping careers. Students choose opportunities in different musical fields, from the performance-intensive Bachelor of Music with its classical and jazz pathways, to a broad-based and flexible Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music. Additionally, each degree pathway provides students with a range of co-curricular experiences that shape character, engage with diverse communities, and support students in their unique vocational journey.

There are four primary facets to all Music degree credentials:

  • Academic Coursework (music theory, music history and elective coursework)
  • Applied Study (aural skills, applied music lessons, solo literature interpretation, masterclasses/workshops, recital performances, conducting, composition, digital musicianship)
  • Ensemble Rehearsals (group practice and performance, public concerts)
  • Career Preparation (vocational training, community engagement, character formation)

The Music Program is part of Ambrose Arts, an interdisciplinary department that is home to programs of study in Music, Theatre, and Dance, as well as offering a range of fine arts electives.

Bachelor of Arts: Music Concentration (3 year)

Bachelor Of Arts: Music Major (4 Year)

Bachelor Of Music (4 Year)