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Academic Appeals


A Student may appeal a decision made in response to final grades, academic misconduct, misconduct in the learning environment, academic probation or suspension on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. there is evidence available that was not considered in the decision and that may have otherwise affected the decision being appealed; or
  2. the decision being appealed was made in a procedurally unfair way; or
  3. the appropriate process, as outlined in the Academic Calendars, was not followed; or
  4. the decision contained an error in the application of the relevant Academic Regulations.

In general, Final Grade decisions and decisions regarding Academic Misconduct, or Misconduct in the Learning Environment, or Academic Progression Matters should be made as close as possible to the level at which the academic competence resides.

Dissatisfaction with a decision or with a University, Faculty or School policy, procedure, regulation, or standard is not a Ground of Appeal.

In general, events or academic performance that occur after the date of the decision being appealed are not considered to be relevant new information.

A Student must exhaust all decision making and appeal processes at each level before submitting an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee.


Appeal of Final Grade

There are two levels to a final grade appeal. The first level is adjudicated on the academic merit of a students’ work. The second level of the appeal process is based solely on the process by which the academic appeal decision was reached.

Before commencing an appeal for change of final grade, the Student should contact the course instructor within 5 business days of receiving notification of the final grade. If the instructor agrees to change the final grade, the instructor must submit a Change of Grade form to the Office of the Registrar.


Appeal of Academic Misconduct Matters

There are two levels to an academic misconduct appeal.

The matter of academic misconduct is initiated by an Instructor and will be reported to the Dean of the program regardless of whether an appeal is made. A written record of the violation will be kept in the student’s permanent file.


Appeal of Misconduct in the Learning Environment

There are two levels of appeal to decisions about misconduct in the learning environment.

Management of behavior in the learning environment primarily rests with the Instructor. The Instructor may direct a Student to leave the class if the Student engages in any behavior that disrupts the learning environment. 

All misconduct in a learning environment will be reported to the Dean. The Dean will investigate the situation and has the authority to take any action they determine is appropriate to in response to the misconduct and will determine sanctions.


Appeal of Academic Progression

There is one level of appeal for matters related to Academic Progression.

Decisions made by an Academic Affairs committee related to progression in a program, specifically academic probation and suspension, may be appealed.

Please consult the Academic Appeals policy for more information.