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Entry Status


You may be granted admission to Ambrose University with status in one of the following categories:

Regular Student

If you are admitted to Ambrose on the basis of your high school education, you will be granted Regular Student status. You must meet Basic Admission Requirements as well as the requirements specific to the program you have chosen.

Mature Student

If you are 21 years of age or older by September 30 (Fall Semester Entrance) or by January 31 (Winter Semester Entrance) and you do not qualify as a Regular Student, you can be considered for Mature Student status. To register as a Mature Student you must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident, present a 60% average or higher in English 30-1 or its equivalent, and you may need to meet additional requirements for admission to specific programs. You may be asked to complete an English competency exam.

Transfer Student

If you have completed 15 credits or more at another postsecondary institution, you may be considered for Transfer Student status. You must submit official transcripts of all post-secondary studies as well as official high school transcripts.

  • Transfer credit towards Ambrose programs may be granted in accordance with university transfer credit policies.
  • If you have post-secondary studies with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0, or you are on Academic Probation from the previous institution, you may apply for admission on the basis of a Dean’s Recommendation.
  • If you have been required to withdraw from the previous institution for academic reasons, you are not permitted to register until one year has elapsed from the date that you were required to withdraw.

Dean’s Recommendation

If you do not meet regular admission requirements, you may submit a Letter of Appeal to the Academic Dean. After the Dean reviews your application and appeal, you may be granted admission on the basis of the Dean’s official recommendation. Dean’s Recommendation is a probationary status. While you may enter Ambrose under this status, in order to continue your studies you must achieve Regular Student status by attaining a minimum GPA of 2.0 in your first 12 credits. Thereafter, you will be subject to standard academic policies. If you do not maintain a GPA of 2.0 in your first 12 credits you may not be allowed to return for the next semester.

Former Student

To re-enter Ambrose University after an absence of one year and one semester, submit an Application for the program you wish to enter and ensure that your former finance account is paid in full. You must also submit official transcripts of any post-secondary studies undertaken during your absence. The re-application process also applies if you were suspended from Ambrose and wish to return to continue studies. Re-entry requirements do not apply to students who were absent on Internship. When you are re-admitted under Former Student status you must fulfill current degree program requirements. If you have a GPA of less than 2.0, you may be re-admitted on academic probation.