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Certificate of Christian Discipleship (MAP)


The Certificate of Christian Discipleship is designed to deepen students’ knowledge of the Christian faith, to challenge them to understand the world around them in Christian ways, and to practice their faith in service and devotion.

Profile of the Graduating Student

The graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Develop meaningful and diverse devotional practices (Devoted Disciples).
  • Articulate foundational knowledge about the Bible and the Christian faith (Faithful Interpreters).
  • Bring the Christian faith into conversation with various academic disciplines (Christian Thinkers).
  • Apply the practices of Christian discipleship, including service within the church and community (Servant Leaders).

Certificate of Christian Discipleship (1 year - 27 credits)

UNI 101 The Ambrose Experience (non-credit)

Rooted in Faith (9 credits)
REL 105 Introduction to the Bible
REL 161 Introduction to Christian Theology
One of the following:
     REL 210 Life and Letters of Paul
     REL 211 Spiritual Formation in the Christian Tradition
     REL 212 Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament
     REL 220 Pentateuch
     REL 240 Synoptic Gospels
     REL 261 Issues in Systematic Theology

Formed by Thought (9 credits)
Three of the following:
     ASTR 120 Introduction to Astronomy
     BIO 131 Introduction to the Cellular Basis of Life
     BIO 133 Introduction to Plant and Organismal Biology
     BUS 100 Introduction to Business Administration
     CHE 101 General Chemistry I
     CHE 103 General Chemistry II
     EN 130 Introduction to English Literature
     GEOG 120 Physical Geography
     GEOL 109 Introduction to Geology
     HI 140 Themes in World History
     MA 110 Introduction to Mathematics for Business
     MA 111 Linear Algebra
     MA 149 Introductory Calculus
     MU 100 Introduction to Music
     PH 125 Introduction to Philosophy
     PS 121 Introduction to Psychology
     SO 121 Principles of Sociology
     TH 100 Introduction to Theatre

Committed to Serve (9 credits)
DVST 100 Fundamentals of Community Service Learning
DVST 200 Community Engagement through Service Learning
PST 161 Introduction to Mission

General Requirements for Completion and Graduation

  • Completion of The Ambrose Experience (UNI 101) (This course is required for all programs, and must be completed within the first two semesters of enrolment. Students who do not complete UNI 101 may not be permitted to continue in their program.)
  • Completion of a total of 27 credits (as outlined above)
  • A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0