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Acting Program

The acting diploma is a two-year experiential commencement into the art and industry of acting. It is a professional, conservatory-training program designed for those wishing to pursue a professional career as an actor or obtain employment in related ministry or marketplace fields. It is a high course-load, high impact program that transforms the student through a rigorous process of self-examination and hard work. Students are grounded in the tenets of Stanislavski-based acting methodologies, script analysis, and physical training of the voice and body, while encouraged to explore the intersection of their faith and art. Admission into the Diploma is by audition, and continuation into the second-year of study is by invitation only. Acting is part of Ambrose Arts, an academic department whose arts programs (Music, Theatre), arts minors (Music, Theatre, Dance, Worship Arts), and various fine arts electives (Art History, Aesthetics, Studio Art) operate within the Faculty of Arts and Science at Ambrose University.

Diploma in Acting Program Requirements (80 credits)

Year One - Semester One (20 credits)

TH 201 Acting I: Meisner (3 credits)
TH 203 Movement I (3 credits)
TH 207 Voice and Speech I (2 credits)
TH 209 Vocal Production I (1 credit)
TH 120a Collective Creation I (3 credits)
TH 154 Script Analysis (3 credits)
TH 130 Technical Theatre I (2 credits)
REL 105 Introduction to the Bible (3 credits)
UNI 101 The Ambrose Experience (non-credit)

Year One - Semester Two (20 credits)

TH 202 Acting II: Meisner (3 credits)
TH 204 Movement II (3 credits)
TH 208 Voice and Speech II (2 credits)
TH 210 Vocal Production II (1 credit)
TH 120b Collective Creation II (3 credits)
TH 211 Performing Shakespeare (3 credits)
TH 131 Technical Theatre II (2 credits)
REL 161 Introduction to Christian Theology (3 credits)

Year Two – Semester One (20 credits)

TH 220a Collective Creation III (3 credits)
TH 222 Rehearsal and Performance: Classical Play (3 credits)
TH 301 Acting III: Method (3 credits)
TH 303 Movement III (3 credits)
TH 307 Voice and Speech III (2 credits)
TH 309 Vocal Production III (1 credit)
TH 314 Stage Combat I (2 credits)
IND 288 Art and Faith I (3 credits)

Year Two – Semester Two (20 credits)

TH 220b Collective Creation IV (3 credits)
TH 223 Rehearsal and Performance: Contemporary Play (3 credits)
TH 302 Acting IV: Method (3 credits)
TH 304 Movement IV (3 credits)
TH 308 Voice and Speech IV (2 credits)
TH 310 Vocal Production IV (1 credit)
TH 315 Stage Combat II (2 credits)
IND 289 Art and Faith II (3 credits)

General Requirements for Completion

• Completion of all requirements
• A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0